Origin, New York; tree upright, spreading, vigorous, thorny, a fair bearer.

Fruit medium, roundish oblate, conical, angular, oblique, often unequal; surface smooth, green and yellow, with bronze blush, mostly covered with grayish red; dots minute, gray, with green bases; cavity acute, uneven, russeted; stem short; basin deep, corrugated; calyx closed. Core closed; seeds many, large; flesh firm, mild subacid, fair to good. Late winter and spring.

Late Strawberry (Autumn Strawberry)

Origin, Aurora, New York; tree vigorous, upright, spreading, productive, an early bearer.

Fruit medium, regular, roundish, slightly conical, sometimes obscurely ribbed, truncated; surface polished, yellowish white, almost wholly covered with light and dark splashes and crimson and red, often overlaid with thin bloom, a showy fruit; cavity large, deep, acute, with thin stellate russet; stem long, slender, curved; basin abrupt, narrow, wavy, ribbed; calyx half open; segments erect convergent. Core closed; cells obovate, entire; tube funnel-shaped, narrow, open to core; stamens marginal; seeds very large, roundish, flattened; flesh yellowish white, tender, juicy, pleasant, vinous, subacid, very good. October, December.

Apple Variety: Late Strawberry

Late Strawberry.


Origin uncertain, introduced by Geo. S. Park, of Park-ville, Missouri; tree spreading, an early and annual bearer.

Fruit above medium, roundish oblate, irregular, broadly ribbed; surface polished, greenish yellow, almost wholly covered with dark bright red, with obscure dark crimson splashes; dots few, yellow and russet, minute; cavity deep, regular, with radiate russet; stem medium to long, slender; basin nearly flat, narrow, wrinkled; calyx closed, segments connivent. Core small, half open, outline indistinct; cells round, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; flesh firm, yellowish white, juicy, tender, pleasant subacid, good. Late winter to May or later.

Lehigh Greening

Origin, Pennsylvania.

Fruit very large, roundish; surface moderately smooth with leather-cracking and erupted dots; skin thick, tenacious; color greenish yellow, with bronze blush on exposed side; dots numerous, variable, russet; cavity large, regular, deep, russeted; stem medium; basin large, regular, deep, furrowed and leather-cracked; calyx medium, partially reflexed; eye large, partially open. Core medium, oval, clasping; seeds few, medium, plump, brown; flesh yellow, medium fine, breaking, juicy; flavor sprightly subacid; quality good to very good. Winter. (U. S. Div. of Pomology.)

Lilly Of Kent

Origin, Delaware.

Fruit large, globular truncate, surface smooth; color green, with shades of yellow and bronze; dots few, light and brown; cavity regular, medium, deep; stem short, stout; basin irregular, medium, slightly furrowed and folded; calyx long, stout, straight; eye large, open. Core large, roundish, clasping; seeds few, large, plump, light brown; flesh greenish yellow, fine-grained, juicy; flavor mild subacid; quality very good. Late winter. (U. S. Div. of Pomology.)