Supposed origin, North Carolina; tree thrifty, very productive, roundish, spreading, the slender shoots drooping with the heavy crop.

Fruit rather small to medium, roundish oblate, somewhat conical, regular; surface yellowish green covered with dull red, with obscure darker stripes; dots many, large, light brown, irregular; cavity broad, deep, acute, green and russet; stem medium; basin small, shallow, uneven; calyx small, half open. Core closed; seeds many, small, plump, long; flesh greenish yellow, very firm, juicy, brisk, rich, aromatic subacid, good. Late winter and spring.

Long Arcade

A Russian variety, doing well in Minnesota and the Northwest; the name is not descriptive as to shape, but was retained by the Russian Nomenclature Commission; tree very upright, spreading with age.

Fruit medium, oblate, slightly angular; surface greenish yellow, nearly covered with dark red, no distinct stripes or splashes; dots minute, numerous, white, obscure; cavity regular, medium deep, broad, acute, with good-sized radiating patch of russet; stem long, slender; basin wide, very shallow, wrinkled; calyx open. Core closed; tube conical; stamens marginal; seeds short, plump; flesh white, tender, juicy, mild subacid, with sweet after-taste, very good. August to September.


Origin, Russia; tree of moderate, spreading, pendulous growth; an early and very heavy annual bearer.

Fruit medium, roundish conical, unequal, often obscurely angular; surface smooth, polished, clear waxen yellow, with a lively red blush; dots distinct, few, large, yellowish; cavity regular, deep, narrow, acuminate, with stellate russet; stem short; basin narrow, abrupt, wrinkled; calyx half open; segments large, divergent. Core closed, clasping; cells ovate, entire; tube funnel-shaped, long; stamens median; seeds few, large, long, plump, pointed; flesh very white, very tender and juicy, pleasant, brisk, subacid, good. October, November.

Lord (Lord's Longfield)

Originated from seed of Wealthy by O. M. Lord, Minnesota City, Minnesota, and named at first from its resemblance to Longfield, but later fruits show much color.

Fruit medium, roundish, somewhat conical, regular; surface greenish, mostly or wholly covered with rosy crimson, a handsome fruit; dots minute, white; cavity deep, narrow, acute, with radiating patch of yellow; stem long; basin narrow, regular, abrupt, with fine wrinkles; calyx half open. Core closed, meeting; tube conical; stamens median; flesh white, stained next to skin, firm, mild, pleasant vinous subacid, with sweet after-taste, very good. September to November.

Apple Variety: Louise

Princess Louise

Originated near Grimsby, Ontario, on the farm of L. Woolverton, probably from seed of Fameuse.

Fruit medium, roundish oblate, regular, obscurely angular; surface greenish yellow, almost or wholly covered with a fine solid dark red with obscure splashes of darker red, sometimes with thin open net-work of russet; dots obscure, numerous, minute, whitish; cavity wide, obtuse, regular, green; stem medium, slender; basin smooth, rather shallow; calyx closed; segments connivent. Core half open; cells round, entire; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds few, short, plump; flesh tender, juicy, snow-white, fine-grained, pleasant, aromatic subacid (Fameuse type), very good. October to December.