Originated in an old Dutch settlement in the eastern part of Guilford Co., North Carolina. The name is sometimes spelled Lough. A large early apple, very good to best in quality; mentioned in Bul. 8, Div. of Pomology.


Origin unknown; tree vigorous, spreading, productive, the oily skin gives it the name of Tallow Apple or Greasy Pippin in some localities.

Fruit large, roundish oblong, nearly regular, truncated, slightly conical; surface rich bright, waxen yellow, very unctuous at maturity; dots distinct, numerous, minute, white; cavity deep, uneven, acute with trace of stellate russet; stem short; basin abrupt, deep, furrowed; calyx closed; segments connivent. Core closed; cells elliptical, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens basal; seeds few; flesh yellowish white, pleasant, brisk rather acid flavor, good to very good. September, October.

Lowland Raspberry (No. 340, Lievland Raspberry)

Origin, Russia; tree medium, upright, round-topped. A. G. Tuttle of Baraboo, Wis., from his experience with many Russian apples says: "There is no early apple East or West of better quality than Lowland Raspberry. The tree is perfect and a good bearer, and the fruit is handsomely colored."

Fruit medium to large, round conic, regular; surface smooth, polished, clear waxen white, striped, splashed, shaded and marbled with fine light crimson, a beautiful fruit; dots minute, greenish, obscure; cavity narrow, acute; stem medium to long; basin small, smooth, or slightly wrinkled; calyx small, closed, or half open. Core large, clasping, open; cells very large, abaxile, roomy, ovate, entire; tube wide, long, funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; , seeds many, rather small, brown black; flesh white, often stained with red, very tender, fine-grained, crisp, juicy, very pleasant, mild subacid, almost sweet, excellent. August, as early as Yellow Transparent.


Apple Variety: Lowell

Lowland Raspberry.

Apple Variety: Lowland Raspberry

Lubsk Queen (Lubsk Reinette, No. 444)-- Origin, Russia. A fruit of remarkable beauty, always attracting much attention wherever exhibited; tree vigorous, medium, upright.

Fruit medium to large, regular, round, truncated; surface very smooth, polished and wax-like, a brilliant white, more or less covered with solid light rosy red, with delicate white bloom, a self-colored apple, but sometimes with short red splashes on lighter ground; dots white, minute, numerous; cavity rather small, acute, slightly russeted; stem medium to long; basin wide, shallow, regular, with generally five fine corrugations around the eye; calyx closed; segments long, pointed. Core closed; cells ovate, slit; tube long, funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds not many, plump; flesh snow-white, firm, juicy, fine-grained, subacid, good. August, September.