Originated with E. R. McKinney, Lacon, Illinois; tree vigorous, forming a round compact head, productive.

Fruit medium, irregular, oblate, unequal; surface smooth, yellow and green, slight bronze blush with russet patches; dots very distinct, numerous, green, large, some with russet centres; cavity narrow, acute, green, with trace of russet; stem stout, short; basin wavy, minutely wrinkled, abrupt medium; segments divergent, long, leafy. Core open; cells ovate, abaxile, slit; tube conical; stamens median; seeds short, plump, pointed; flesh yellow, firm, fine-grained, juicy, mild subacid, pleasant, good. October to January in northern Illinois.


A very old French variety, known abroad by the name of Api; a fancy little dessert apple noted for its beautiful color and excellent quality.

Fruit quite small, regular, sometimes unequal, flattened; surface smooth, polished, pale yellow with brilliant deep red, approaching to crimson on sunny side; dots obscure, numerous, white, minute; cavity wide, deep, regular, obtuse, with green rays and stellate russet; stem medium to long; basin wide, shallow, slightly corrugated; calyx closed; segments divergent. Core closed; cells obovate, axile, slit; tube conical; stamens marginal; seeds plump, short, numerous; flesh white, crisp, tender, very juicy, sweet, slightly perfumed, excellent. December to May.

Apple Variety: Lady


Lady Sweet

Origin, New York. Downing considered this variety, which originated in his neighborhood, Newburgh, N. Y., one of the finest winter-sweet apples for the dessert, yet known or cultivated in this country, and describes it fully as follows:

" Fruit large, roundish ovate, narrowing pretty rapidly to the eye; surface very smooth, nearly covered with red in the sun, but pale yellowish green in the shade, with broken stripes of pale red; red sprinkled with well-marked yellowish gray dots, and covered, when first gathered, with a thin white bloom; on shaded side there is generally a faint marbling of cloudy white over the red, and rays of same around the stalk; cavity shallow; stem half an inch long; basin shallow, plaited, narrow; calyx quite small; flesh greenish white, exceedingly tender, juicy, and crisp, with a delicious, sprightly, agreeable perfumed flavor, very good to best; keep without shrivelling or losing its flavor till May."


Origin, Lankford, Maryland; tree vigorous, productive.

Fruit medium, oblate to roundish oblate, sides sometimes unequal or a little oblique, often flattened at the ends; surface pale green, shaded with pale and dark red over half or more of its surface; dots few, large, light and grayish - many areole; cavity large, deep, greenish; stem rather short, slender; basin large, rather deep, slightly corrugated; calyx closed or partially open. Core small; flesh whitish, a little coarse, tender, moderately juicy, mild subacid, inclining to sweet. December, May.

Apple Variety: Lady Sweet

Lady Sweet.