Magog Red Streak

Raised from seed by William Warren, Newport, Vermont; tree thrifty, vigorous, upright, spreading, productive.

Fruit medium or nearly so, roundish, inclining to oblong; light yellow, shaded and faintly striped and splashed with light red over half the fruit; stem short, small; calyx closed; basin medium, corrugated; flesh yellowish, a little coarse, moderately juicy, mild subacid; Core medium, fair to good. December, March.

Maiden Blush

Origin, New Jersey; tree vigorous, productive; fruit much esteemed for table, market, cooking, and evaporating.

Apple Variety: Maiden Blush

Maiden Blush.

Fruit rather large, oblate, very regular, slightly conical; surface very smooth, polished, delicate waxen, clear pale yellow, with beautiful deep crimson cheek, the two colors often joining in brilliant red; cavity rather wide, deep, with trace of russet; stem short; basin wide, smooth, medium; calyx closed; segments erect convergent. Core closed; cells ovate; tube short, conical; stamens marginal; flesh white, tender, brisk, pleasant aromatic subacid, not rich, good. September, October.


Originated by Mr. Rollins of Orange Co., Vermont, named for one of his daughters, introduced into Minnesota by his son, I. W. Rollins, of Elgin, Minn., about 1858 or 1860. Tree a slender, straggling grower in nursery, and tardy bearer; tree has done well in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota, and bears early when top-grafted on Hibernal apple or Virginia crab.

Apple Variety: Malinda


Fruit above medium to large, sharply conical, somewhat angular and ribbed; surface smooth, rich yellow with dull red blush; dots minute, white, distinct, numerous; cavity acute, medium, regular, with stellate russet patch; stem short, stout; basin narrow, abrupt, wavy, corrugated, deep; calyx closed. Core closed, meeting; tube conical; stamens median; flesh yellowish white, firm, juicy, very mild subacid, with sweet after-taste, fair. Late winter.

Mangum (Gulley)

Origin, Alabama; extensively cultivated and highly prized in the South; tree thrifty, very productive.

Fruit medium, oblate, slightly conic; surface yellowish, striped, and mostly shaded with red; dots numerous, whitish and bronze; cavity broad, russeted; stem slender, short; basin slightly corrugated; calyx half open; flesh yellow, very tender, juicy, mild subacid, very good to best. October to November.


Origin, Granby, New York; tree a vigorous, spreading grower and an early and annual bearer; fruit a late keeper but lacks attractive color.

Fruit above medium; form regular, oblate; surface very green in early winter, changing to deep yellow when fully ripe, overlaid with whitish, often with brownish, pink blush; dots distinct, numerous, dark russet centres with whitish base; cavity regular, acute, deep, trace of russet; stem short; basin regular, slightly wrinkled, wide, medium deep; calyx generally closed; segments connivent. Core closed, sessile; cells ovate or elliptical; tube conical or funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds plump; flesh yellow, firm, juicy, crisp, finegrained, pleasant subacid, good. Late winter.

Apple Variety: Mann