Margaret, Early Red

A very old English variety, of slender growth; a moderate bearer; fruit good when freshly picked, but soon becomes mealy. It is desirable to gather it a few days before it ripens on the tree.

Fruit below medium, roundish ovate, somewhat conical, angular toward basin; surface greenish yellow, nearly covered with dark red stripes, brighter red on sunny side; dots gray, russet, distinct; cavity small, shallow; stem short, stout; basin narrow, very shallow, corrugated, with small knobs around the eye; calyx prominent, half open; segment long, broad, erect convergent. Core closed; cells roundish ovate, or obovate, axile; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; flesh greenish white, brisk, juicy, pleasant, rich, refreshing subacid, good. July, immediately after early harvest, » Maryland, Maiden Blush. - Origin, Maryland; tree vigorous and an early and heavy bearer.

Fruit above medium, roundish conical; surface yellow, with distinct blush; flesh white, fine-grained, tender, excellent. Autumn.

Mason Stranger

Origin, Virginia; a chance seedling on the farm of Dr. Geo. Mason; tree vigorous, a heavy annual bearer.

Apple Variety: Mason Stranger

Mason Stranger.

Fruit medium, oblate, somewhat depressed; surface light, bright yellow, sometimes a shade of light red where exposed to the sun; dots few, brownish; cavity large, slight russet; stem short, small; basin large, deep, smooth; calyx open. Core small; flesh whitish, fine, rather compact, crisp, juicy, mild subacid, inclining to sweet, somewhat spicy and rich, very good. December, February.


Origin, eastern North Carolina, in peaty section of coast region, and appear mainly, if not only, adapted for that region where it is one of the best winter apples. Not recommended for western North Carolina; tree vigorous, productive.

Fruit medium, roundish oblate conic, surface yellow, shaded and splashed with light and dark red; flesh whitish yellow, crisp, brisk subacid, good. December to March.


Originated by Dr. Maverack, South Carolina; tree vigorous, productive, fruit valuable for market and cooking.

Fruit large, roundish oblate, obscurely conical; surface yellow, mostly shaded and striped with bright red; dots few, gray; cavity rather large; stem short; basin deep, corrugated; calyx open.

Apple Variety: Maverack


Core small; flesh yellowish, tender, rich, sweet, very good. November to February.

Norton Melon

Origin, East Bloomfield, New York; tree a rather slow grower while young, spreading, round-topped, productive; fruit too tender for distant shipment.

Fruit medium to large; form roundish oblate, slightly conical, obscurely ribbed toward the basin; surface smooth, pale waxen yellow, nearly covered with marbled and mixed bright red, distinctly splashed and striped with darker crimson, with net-veining and patches of very thin smooth pale brown russet; dots minute, few, light and brown; cavity large, deep, acute, wavy, often with much russet; stem medium, slender; basin wide, medium, slightly corrugated; calyx half open. Core partially open, clasping; cells round, axile, slit; tube conical; stamens marginal, median, or basal; seeds numerous, medium, angular; flesh yellowish white, very tender, crisp, juicy, aromatic, sprightly subacid, best. November to March.

Apple Variety: Melon