Origin uncertain; an old favorite Southern and Southwestern variety; tree of moderate vigor, round-headed, very productive, and an annual bearer.

Fruit small to medium, conical to roundish conical, very regular; surface smooth, greenish yellow, washed and marbled with dull brownish red, obscurely striped and splashed; dots distinct, many, variable, gray and russet; cavity regular, acute, russeted; stem medium to long; basin very shallow, narrow, regular, nearly smooth, often leather-cracked; calyx closed; segments divergent. Core slightly open, clasping; cells round, entire; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds many, plump, pointed, some imperfect; flesh white, rather firm, mild pleasant subacid, not rich, good. December to March.


Origin, Alton, New Hampshire; tree a vigorous, heavy biennial bearer; a good market and family apple.

Fruit large; form regular, oblate, slightly conical and angular; surface unctuous, whitish yellow, mostly covered with striped, shaded, and mottled dark bright red; dots obscure, few, light, minute; cavity shallow, wide, with radiating russet, funnel-shaped; stem short; basin abrupt, furrowed, rather shallow; calyx closed or nearly so; segments divergent. Core open; cells obovate, slit; tube conical; stamens basal; seeds short, plump, pointed; flesh whitish yellow, tender, rather coarse, crisp, juicy, sprightly subacid, good. December to January.


Origin, West Virginia. Reported as well adapted for growth in lowlands, such as creek and river bottoms, where most apples do not succeed.

Fruit large, roundish, slightly flattened, regular; skin thin, tenacious; surface smooth, yellow, washed with red and striped with crimson, having a slight bloom; dots yellow; cavity large, regular, deep, flaring, russet; stem short, moderately stout; basin medium in size and depth, flaring, slightly furrowed; calyx medium, closed; segments short, wide, converging. Core large, wide, clasping, closed; seeds numerous, large, plump, brown; flesh yellowish, moderately fine, tender, juicy, sweet, good. August and September. (U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1895.)

Apple Variety: Milwaukee



Originated from seed of Oldenburg by Geo. Jeffry, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; tree of moderate spreading growth, an early and good bearer. A promising new variety for the North.

Fruit large, oblate, much flattened at ends, slightly angular; surface greenish yellow, splashed and striped, marbled and dotted with bright red and crimson; dots obscure, many, minute, white; cavity broad, deep, regular, obtuse, with some stellate russet; stem short, rather stout; basin wide, abrupt, deep, slightly wrinkled; calyx open; segment erect convergent. Core small, slightly open; tube funnel-shaped, long, wide; stamens median; seeds few, short, plump; flesh yellowish white, very tender, juicy, pleasant acid, good for table and very good for cooking. Midwinter and later.