Mitchell's Red Warrior

Originated in 1869 or 1870, at Cresco, northern Iowa, by J. B. Mitchell; tree hardy and very productive. Distinct from the Red Warrior described by Downing. A good apple, but the present name is too long.

Fruit above medium to large, roundish, slightly conical, regular; surface light yellow, nearly covered with bright mixed red and crimson, heavily and distinctly striped and splashed with carmine, a beautiful fruit; dots obscure, few, very minute, white; cavity regular, narrow, acute, slightly russeted; stem short; basin narrow, very abrupt, wavy; calyx open; segments erect convergent. Core closed; cells ovate, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds few, flattened, long-pointed, medium; flesh white, juicy, pleasant subacid, good. Season, same as Wealthy.

Monmouth (Red Cheek Pippin)

Origin, Monmouth Co., New Jersey; tree productive, of moderate upright growth.

Fruit large; form roundish oblate, slightly conic, obscurely five-angled, slightly truncated; surface greenish yellow, with handsome red blush; dots minute, green and russet; cavity large, wide, regular or wavy, slightly russeted; stem short, thick; basin abrupt, deep, corrugated; calyx half open. Core medium, closed, clasping; seeds numerous, pointed, brown; flesh white, juicy, crisp, mild, aromatic subacid, very good. November to April.


Originated by J. H. Monsees, Beaman, Mo. At first named Hopewell, but this name is already occupied by a variety from Pennsylvania. The Monsees is of recent introduction and is a handsome fruit, intermediate in appearance between Ben Davis and Winesap.

Fruit large to very large, roundish, conical; surface a rich yellow, almost or wholly covered with fine dark red with crimson stripes and splashes; dots distinct, few, minute, russet; cavity deep, acute, russeted, the rays often extending out over base; stem short; basin shallow, ribbed and corrugated, sometimes very shallow: calyx open; segments short, erect convergent. Core closed; cells round, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds plump; flesh white, pleasant subacid, good. Season, winter.

Apple Variety: Monmouth

Moore Sweet

Of American origin; tree vigorous, very productive.

Fruit medium to large; form roundish oblate, regular; skin thick; surface smooth, greenish yellow, entirely covered with dull dark red in obscure stripes overlaid with grayish bloom, giving the fruit a purple color; dots minute, few; cavity wide, or acute, deep, green or brown; stem short, rather stout; basin wide, wavy or plaited; calyx closed. Core small, closed; seeds numerous, plump, pale; flesh yellow, rich, dry, firm, very sweet, good. December to May.


Origin, Bolton, Massachusetts; tree of moderate vigor, rather slender, productive.

Fruit medium or above; form roundish oblong, slightly conical, obscurely ribbed; surface golden yellow, almost wholly covered with clear, warm, rich red, splashed, marbled, striped with several shades of dark red and crimson; dots minute, light russet, numerous; cavity acute, deep, often a little russeted; stem slender, medium to long; basin narrow, small, corrugated; calyx closed. Core medium, closed, clasping; cells elliptical, abaxile; calyx-tube conical, inclining to funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds numerous; flesh yellow, especially toward the surface, juicy, very rich, spicy aromatic subacid, best. November to February.

Apple Variety: Munson