Mcafee (Mcafee Red)

Originated at McAfee's old fort, Kentucky; tree a good grower and very productive.

Fruit large, roundish, slightly oblate; surface polished, greenish yellow, almost wholly, but thinly, covered with fine solid crimson, obscurely striped and covered with a thin bloom; dots distinct, numerous, minute, white; cavity regular, green, obtuse; stem short, fleshy; basin smooth, very narrow, shallow; calyx closed; segments connivent. Core open; cells ovate, entire, abaxile; tube conical; stamens median; seeds small, plump; flesh juicy, white, fine-grained, lively subacid, very good. November to March.


Origin, North Carolina.

Fruit medium, oblate; skin medium thick, brittle; surface smooth, glossy, greenish white, washed and splashed with purplish red, heavily overspread with gray whitish bloom; dots small, russet; cavity regular, medium, gradual, russet net-work; stem very short, stout; basin regular, small, shallow, furrowed and bloom; calyx small, closed; segments small, converging, reflexed at tips. Core oblate, clasping, large; seeds few, medium, plump, brown; flesh whitish, fine, breaking, juicy, subacid, good. Winter. (U. S. Dept. Agr., 1902.)

Mcintosh (Mcintosh Red)

A choice variety of the Fameuse type; origin, Ontario, Canada; tree vigorous, with spreading head; a good annual bearer.

Fruit above medium to large, roundish oblate to roundish truncated, slightly irregular, and obscurely angular, highly perfumed; surface very smooth, polished, yellow, almost wholly covered with brilliant solid crimson, the coloring brighter on shaded side, with heavy blue bloom, a beautiful fruit; dots many, obscure, minute, white; cavity obtuse, wide, regular, with a trace of russet; stem short to medium stout; basin smooth, rather shallow, abrupt; calyx closed; segments connivent. Core closed; cells ovate, entire; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal or median; seeds plump; flesh snow-white, crisp, very tender, juicy, sprightly, aromatic subacid, very good. December to January.


Origin, Woodstock, Connecticut; tree a thrifty upright grower, very productive, an annual bearer.

Fruit medium or above, regular, roundish oblate, regular, sometimes unequal; surface yellow, mostly covered with dark crimson, marbled, splashed, and striped, solid on sunny side; dots distinct, numerous, raised russet, small; cavity rather deep, regular, wide, obtuse; stem medium, rather slender; basin smooth, medium deep; calyx half open; segments erect convergent. Core closed; cells ovate; tube long, narrow, open to core; stamens marginal; seeds short, plump; flesh yellowish white, very tender, juicy, pleasant, vinous subacid, almost saccharine, very good. December to March.

Apple Variety: McLellan


Mcmahon (Mcmahon White)

Origin, Wisconsin, from seed planted about 1860, it is claimed, from seed of Alexander; it is doing well in Wisconsin and parts of southern South Dakota and Minnesota, but is not a first-class shipper as the skin is tender, and shows bruises readily; tree a very strong grower and a good bearer.

Apple Variety: McMahon


Fruit large to very large, roundish, somewhat conical, obscurely angular and irregular; surface light yellow, becoming almost clear white when fully ripe, often with delicate blush; dots white, large, suffused; cavity deep, acute, russeted; stem short to medium, stout; basin medium deep, wavy, narrow; calyx open; segments divergent. Core closed, irregular, sessile; tube obtusely conical; stamens basal; flesh white, coarse-grained, crisp, juicy, sprightly subacid, good, very good for cooking. October to December.