Nansemond (Nansemond Beauty)

Supposed origin, Virginia; tree vigorous, rather spreading, a good annual bearer.

Fruit medium, roundish oblate, slightly conic; surface pale yellow, nearly covered with light and dark rich red, sometimes rather obscure stripes and splashes of a darker hue; cavity quite large, slight russet ; stem short, small; basin large, deep, slightly corrugated; calyx half open. Core small; flesh quite white, half fine, crisp, tender, juicy, vinous subacid. January, April.


Origin, Princeton, Mercer Co., New Jersey; tree vigorous, spreading.

Fruit large, roundish oblate; surface clear yellow, nearly covered with dull red, deepening into dark red, with patches and marblings of russet; dots few, large, roundish, with grayish centres; cavity narrow, deep, regular, russeted; stem one-half inch long, medium; basin very broad, saucer-shaped, ribbed; calyx large, open; segments long; tube short, funnel-shaped; flesh whitish, juicy, firm, crisp, with a mild, subacid, slightly aromatic flavor, quality good. Season, January to April. (Mich. Exp. Sta. Bul., 169, p. 187.)

Newell (Orange Winter)

Originated over fifty years ago in Sauk Co., Wisconsin, by Orange Newell, from seeds of Perry Russet brought from New York.

Fruit large, roundish oblate, irregular, angular; surface a rich yellow, with faint bronze blush on sunny side; dots green, minute, with numerous russet dots; cavity wide, deep, ribbed; stem short; basin wide, ribbed, rather deep; calyx half open. Core closed, meeting; calyx-tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; flesh firm, juicy, yellowish, rich, sprightly subacid, very good. Winter.

Newtown Spitzenburg

Origin, Newtown, Long Island; tree moderate, vigorous, spreading, and productive.

Fruit medium, regular, roundish oblate, slightly conical; surface clear, rich yellow, shaded with light red, with deep red stripes and splashes, often overlaid with whitish; dots many, minute, russet, with some peculiar gray specks; cavity wide, deep, regular, lined with russet; stem short; basin wide, smooth, medium deep; calyx small, closed. Core half open; cells wide open, obovate; tube conical; stamens median; seeds many, angular; flesh yellow, firm, crisp, tender, juicy, rich, sprightly aromatic flavor, scarcely subacid, best. October to February.

Apple Variety: Newtown Spitzenburg

Newtown Spitzenburg.


Origin, Georgia; widely distributed in the South and known under many synonyms; it reproduces itself quite closely from seed; tree upright, spreading, large, very productive.

Apple Variety: Nickajack


Fruit large, roundish to roundish oblate, slightly conic, sometimes oblique; surface yellowish, striped, shaded, and splashed with two shades of red and with a grayish appearance, as if covered with a thin bloom; dots many, large, areole; cavity large, acute, medium deep, yellow and russet; stem short; basin medium, slightly corrugated; calyx partially open. Core small, closed; seeds many, large, plump; flesh yellowish, compact, moderately tender and juicy, negative subacid, good. Late winter.