Origin, bank of Oconee River, near Athens, Georgia, tree vigorous and productive.

Fruit large; form roundish-flattened; surface yellow, a little brownish in the sun; dots few, russet; cavity rather regular, deep, russeted; stem short; basin shallow, slightly furrowed; calyx open; flesh yellowish, fine-grained, crisp, abounding in a delightful aromatic, lively, subacid juice, good to very good. October to November.

Ogle (Winter Snow)

Origin, Illinois.

Fruit medium, oblate, slightly oblique; skin thin, tenacious; surface smooth, except for raised dots and fine leather-cracking, yellowish, washed with scarlet and striped with dark crimson; dots conspicuous, yellow, protruding, some areole; cavity wide, deep, flaring, russet-netted; stem about one inch long, slender, with bracts; basin large, regular, deep, abrupt, corrugated, and lined with bloom; calyx small, closed; segments long, narrow, converging or reflexed. Core medium, roundish, clasping, partially open; seeds numerus, small, plump, brown; flesh whitish, moderately fine-grained, crisp, juicy, very mild subacid, good to very good. Winter. (U. S. Div. of Pomology, 1895.)

Apple Variety: Ohio Nonpareil

Ohio Nonpareil.

Ohio Nonpareil

Originated with Mr. Myers near Massillon, Ohio. Tree vigorous, wide spreading.

Fruit large; form roundish oblate, regular; surface smooth, yellow, shaded, marbled and splashed with two shades of rich bright red; dots few, light, gray; cavity large, deep, acute, regular; stem short, rather slender; basin wide, regular, medium; calyx rather large, partially open; segments rather short. Core small, somewhat open; seeds many; flesh yellowish white, fine-grained, tender, juicy, rich, slightly aromatic, subacid, very good. October, November.

Ohio Pippin (Shannon)

Supposed origin, Dayton, Ohio; tree vigorous, large spreading, moderately productive.

Fruit large, often very large, roundish oblate, somewhat conical, irregular; surface smooth, yellow, sometimes with mottled red blush; dots small, gray; cavity wide, wavy or regular, russeted; stem short, stout; basin wide, deep, wrinkled; calyx large, or very large, open; segments short. Core closed, meeting, small; seeds many, medium plump, some imperfect; flesh yellowish, tender, juicy, pleasant, sharp subacid, good. November, January.


Originated on the banks of Lake Okabena, near Worthington, southwestern Minnesota. A seedling of Oldenburg, fertilized by Wealthy from seed furnished by Peter M. Gideon in 1871.

Fruit large, regular, oblate; surface greenish yellow, striped and splashed with red, sometimes covering the entire surface, on sunny side mixed and marbled with dark crimson stripes and splashes; dots minute, scattered, white, obscure; cavity regular, deep, sometimes russeted; stem variable; basin a marked characteristic, wide, rather shallow, regular, sometimes abrupt; calyx closed. Core closed, clasping; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; flesh white, sometimes stained, fine-grained, juicy, subacid, very good. December.