Origin unknown; one of the best dessert summer apples for the family orchard; too tender for distant shipment; tree vigorous, strong, and stocky, and very productive. The fruit ripens in succession, and hence it is better adapted for the home orchard.

Apple Variety: Primate


Fruit medium; form roundish oblate, slightly conical, angular, irregular; surface yellowish green, when ripe nearly white, with crimson blush; cavity large, deep, narrow, irregular; stem medium; basin abrupt, somewhat corrugated; calyx small, closed; flesh white, fine-grained, very tender, juicy, sprightly mild subacid, very good to best. August to October.

Prolific Sweeting

Origin, Russia; a valuable productive sweet apple. In Vermont Dr. T. H. Hoskins found it "the best of the sweet apples for market purposes."

Fruit above medium, roundish oblate, irregular, obscurely angular; surface polished, smooth, pale yellow, becoming a waxen white; dots white, minute, numerous, a few russet dots; cavity deep, acuminate, ribbed, with some stellate russet; stem short to medium; basin shallow, wide; corrugated; calyx closed; segments erect convergent. Core half open, clasping; cells ovate, slit; tube long, wide, open to core, funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds plump; flesh white, fine-grained, sweet, juicy, very good. August. J

Pryor Red

Origin unknown; popular in Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia; tree upright, spreading, of moderate vigor, a late and often a shy bearer; doing best on deep rich soil and in southern climates or warm seasons.

Apple Variety: Pryor Red

Pryor Red.

Fruit medium or above; form roundish, somewhat oblate, inclined, variable, somewhat ribbed; surface greenish yellow, mostly covered with dull red, with obscure dark crimson stripes and splashes, slightly russeted, sometimes mostly covered with russet; dots numerous, greenish gray; cavity small, narrow, acute, with radiate russet, sometimes extending far out over base; stem short and thick, sometimes long; basin narrow, small; calyx closed; flesh yellowish, very tender and rich, juicy, mild pleasant subacid, very good. January to March.

Pumpkin Sweet (Pound Sweet)

Origin, the orchard of S. Lyman, Manchester, Connecticut; tree vigorous, upright, spreading, drooping, productive.

Fruit very large, roundish, obscurely ribbed and angular, sometimes unequal, truncated; surface yellowish green, overlaid with whitish and some russet net-veining; dots distinct, white, minute, a few large russet dots; cavity regular, deep, somewhat acuminate, with much stellate russet; stem short; basin smooth, shallow, regular; calyx open; segments small, divergent. Core large, closed; cells obovate, widely slit; tube conical; stamens median; seeds few, short, blunt, angular, somewhat flattened; flesh white, only moderately juicy, very sweet, good. September to December. Very valuable for baking and stock-feeding.

Apple Variety: Pumpkin Sweet

Pumpkin Sweet.