Red Queen (No. 316)

Origin, Russia.

Fruit above medium to large, regular, roundish conical; surface greenish yellow, sometimes with dull reddish blush; dots large, white, some with minute dark dot in centre, numerous towards the basin; cavity regular, shallow, obtuse, russeted; stem short, stout; basin narrow, small, abrupt, wrinkled or wavy; calyx closed. Core closed, distant, barely clasping; tube conical; stamens basal; flesh greenish white with green veinings, sprightly acid, good for culinary use. Winter.

Red Stripe

Origin, probably Indiana; tree productive, shoots very downy.

Fruit medium or below, oblong conical, obscurely ribbed; surface polished, whitish yellow, mostly covered with striped, splashed, and mottled crimson; cavity acute, regular, russeted; stem short to medium, slender; basin very shallow, corrugated; calyx very small, closed. Core large, open, oval, clasping; flesh white, fine-grained, juicy, tender, pleasant acid, good. July and August.

Red Warrior

See Mitchell's Red Warrior; an Iowa variety. The name was first given to a North Carolina variety; see also Yates.

Red Wine

Origin, Russia. Of Lowland Raspberry type.

Fruit medium, roundish oblate, irregular, sides often bulging; surface polished, waxen white, almost wholly covered with bright red, a beautiful fruit; dots distinct, numerous, minute, white; cavity regular, narrow, with stellate russet; stem medium; basin shallow, narrow, wrinkled, and corrugated; calyx closed; segments connivent; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; flesh snow-white, tender, juicy, subacid, good. August, September.

Repka Malenka

Origin, Russia. Malenka means small. This is probably the best keeper of the Russians. A. G. Tuttle, of Bara-boo, Wis., finds that the fruit keep easily till June.

Fruit below medium, conical to roundish conical, obscurely angular, somewhat irregular and unequal; surface yellow, striped, splashed, mixed and dotted dull red on sunny side; dots obscure, few, very minute, white; cavity regular, obtuse, with considerable radiating russet; stem medium to long; basin abrupt, narrow, shallow, slightly corrugated and wrinkled; calyx open or closed; segments erect convergent, very long. Core closed, clasping; cells round; tube funnel-shaped, sometimes linear (long and very narrow); stamens marginal or median; seeds about ten, large, plump, packed tight in the small cells; flesh white, firm, mild subacid, good. Late winter and spring.

Rhode Island Greening

Origin, Rhode Island; one of the leading eastern varieties; tree very vigorous, of strong, spreading growth, an abundant bearer.

Fruit large, roundish to roundish oblate, often obscurely ribbed; surface dark dull green, becoming greenish yellow when ripe, sometimes with faint dull blush, at the south somewhat rough and often russeted; dots many, gray, irregular; cavity wide,. regular, deep, obtuse; stem medium to long; basin very shallow, small, nearly smooth, often slightly russeted; calyx small, woolly, closed; segments long, pointed, divergent. Core open; cells, abaxile, ovate, widely slit, with much white exudate; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median or basal; seeds few, angular, pointed, not plump; flesh yellow, finegrained, tender, very juicy, rich, slightly aromatic, rather acid, very good. November to February.

Apple Variety: Repka Malenka

Repka Malenka.

Apple Variety: Rhode Island Greening

Rhode Island Greening.