Shiawassee (Shiawassee Beauty)

Originated in Shiawassee Co., Mich., one of the best varieties of the Fameuse type; tree a strong, moderately upright grower; a heavy bearer in alternate years.

Fruit medium, very oblate, regular; surface polished, yellow, almost wholly covered with brilliant dark crimson, with obscure splashes; dots distinct, few, large, yellow; cavity obtuse, wide, regular, with stellate russet; stem medium; basin smooth, wide, shallow; calyx closed or open; segments divergent. Core half open, meeting; cells ovate, slit; tube conical; stamens median Or basal; seeds few, plump, pointed; flesh firm, very white, tinged with red, brisk, pleasant subacid, very good. Early winter.

Apple Variety: Shockley



Origin, Jackson Co., Georgia, a popular variety at the South; tree vigorous, upright, an early and very abundant bearer.

Apple Variety: Shiawassee


Fruit small to medium, conical, truncated, regular; surface very smooth, pale waxen yellow, mostly covered with marbled and blushed bright red and crimson; dots few, obscure, minute, gray; cavity deep, acute, regular, slightly russeted; stem slender, long; basin shallow, corrugated, narrow; calyx small, half open. Core closed, meeting; tube conical; stamens median; seeds many, plump; flesh yellow, fine-grained, juicy, crisp, rich, saccharine subacid, very good. March, June.

Smith Cider

Origin, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania; tree very vigorous, straggling, spreading grower, an early and good bearer.

Apple Variety: Smith Cider

Smith Cider.

Fruit medium to large, varying from roundish oblate conical to somewhat elongated, sometimes unequal; surface smooth, pale yellow, shaded with red, with indistinct bright crimson splashes; dots few, distinct, gray, large; cavity deep, acute, narrow, russeted; stem medium to long, slender; basin wide, shallow, sometimes corrugated; calyx small, half open; segments long. Core open, clasping; seeds many, plump, pointed; flesh whitish, tender, juicy, crisp, aromatic, mild subacid, not rich, good. Late winter.


Origin, Pennsylvania; tree of moderately vigorous spreading growth, productive.

Apple Variety: Smokehouse.


Fruit rather large, roundish oblate, regular; surface yellow, shaded, mottled, and obscurely splashed with red and crimson; dots few, large, gray and brown; cavity wide, acute; stem rather long, slender, curved; basin wide, medium deep, slightly corrugated; calyx closed; flesh yellowish white, firm, rich, juicy, crisp, aromatic subacid, good. September to February.

Sops Of Wine

An ancient English variety; tree vigorous, upright, spreading, an early and abundant bearer.

Fruit medium, round, slightly conic, regular; surface smooth, unctuous at maturity, rich yellow, almost or wholly covered with rich dark red, mixed and shaded, with heavy darker stripes and splashes overlaid with thin white bloom, a handsome fruit; dots distinct, many, gray and yellow; cavity obtuse, wavy, slightly russeted; stem long; basin wide, smooth, shallow; calyx closed; segments long, broad, connivent. Core closed, meeting, core outline red; cells round, axile, slit; tube conical; stamens median or marginal; seeds large, pointed, few; flesh yellowish white, stained with red, fine-grained, moderately juicy, mild, pleasant subacid, good to very good. Late July, early August, in central Iowa.

Apple Variety: Sops of Wine

Sops of Wine.