A stray variety in some scions of another variety received from Russia. Named in honor of R. P. Speer, Cedar Falls, Iowa, by the Iowa State Horticultural Society.

Fruit above medium to large, roundish, somewhat oblate, regular; surface rich golden yellow, remarkable for the numerous minute prominences and raised dots; dots obscure, many, minute; cavity regular, obtuse, slightly russeted; stem medium, stout; basin smooth, wide, deep, very abrupt, forming a cup with a few prominences in bottom; calyx closed; segments erect convergent, very large and leafy. Core closed, clasping; cells axile, ovate; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; flesh white, juicy, crisp, sprightly acid, good. Late fall.


Origin, Arkansas; of recent introduction.

Fruit medium, roundish oblate, slightly conical, regular; surface yellow almost or wholly covered with fine dark solid red, obscurely splashed dark crimson, some small russet patches; dots distinct, many, russet, raised; cavity regular, medium, obtuse, lined with stellate russet, stem medium, stout; basin rather shallow, slightly corrugated; calyx open; segments small, flat convergent. Core half open, clasping; cells round; tube long, funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds plump, pointed, packed closely in cells; flesh yellowish white with greenish tinge, firm, very solid, mild pleasant subacid, good. Late winter.


Origin unknown, probably Ohio; tree vigorous, upright, spreading. A commercial variety.

Apple Variety: Stark

Fruit, large, roundish, slightly conical, sometimes a little elongated and oblique; surface smooth, unctuous at maturity, yellowish green, mostly covered with light and dark red, shaded, striped, and splashed, overlaid with whitish; dots many, distinct, brown and whitish, some areolar; cavity regular, obtuse, slightly russeted; basin shallow, slightly wrinkled; calyx closed. Core open, small, outline irregular, meeting; tube obtusely conical: stamens marginal or median; flesh yellowish, a little coarse, moderately juicy, mild subacid, good. Late winter.


Origin, Maine; tree hardy, vigorous, spreading, productive, a regular bearer.

Fruit medium, oblate, slightly conic, regular; surface pale yellow, shaded, striped and splashed with light and dark bright red; dots few, light and gray; cavity medium, sometimes slight russet; stem short, small; basin medium, slightly corrugated; calyx closed or nearly so. Core small; flesh whitish, half fine, tender, juicy, mild pleasant subacid. October, January.

Stayman Winesap

A seedling of the Winesap, originated with Dr. J. Stayman, Leavenworth, Kansas. We give his description:

Apple Variety: Stayman Winesap

Stayman Winesap.

"Tree very vigorous, open, irregular, spreading; wood very dark; dark heavy foliage; an early and very abundant bearer; tree much in appearance like Winesap; fruit hangs well on the tree.

"Fruit medium to large, heavy, oblate conical, regular; greenish yellow, mostly covered and indistinctly splashed, mixed and striped with dark dull red; dots medium, numerous, distinct gray; stem of medium length, slender; cavity wide, deep, much russeted, extending, regular; calyx large, open, or half open, erect, large; basin • rather narrow, abrupt, deep, furrowed. Core medium; flesh yellow, firm, tender, juicy, rich, mild subacid, aromatic; quality best. Season, January to May."