Stephenson (Stephenson' S Winter)

Origin, Marshall Co., Mississippi; tree of moderate growth, productive.

Fruit medium, roundish oblate, greenish yellow, shaded, and sometimes striped with red; stem long, slender; calyx open. Core small; flesh whitish, rather firm, juicy, pleasant, brisk subacid, good. January to April.

Sterling (American Beauty)

Origin, Sterling, Massachusetts; tree vigorous, productive, an annual bearer.

Fruit large, roundish, slightly inclining to conic, obscurely ribbed; surface a yellow ground, mostly covered with red, which is quite dark in the sun; dots numerous, small, light and brown; cavity medium, with radiating russet, the rays sometimes extending out over a portion of the fruit; stem rather short, somewhat slender; basin medium, uneven; calyx small, closed; segments medium, slightly recurved. Core small; flesh yellowish, rather compact, tender, juicy, rich, mild subacid, aromatic, very good. December to April.

Striped Gilliflower

Origin unknown. Distinct from Scollop Gilliflower; the two varieties were formerly considered identical.

Fruit variable in size and form, size large to very large; in form varying from roundish conical to oblong conical (about half of each, one grower reports), irregular, angular, often furrowed; surface light greenish yellow, thinly striped with dull red on sunny side; dots very obscure, few, minute, white; cavity deep, acute, with stellate russet; stem short; basin shallow with a few sharp minute ridges; calyx closed or half open; segment serect convergent. Core wide open, sessile, barely clasping; cells abaxile, elliptical, much slit with broad ridges of cellular exudate; tube conical; stamens median; seeds few, small, nearly round, very blunt; flesh whitish, juicy, crisp, brisk subacid, fair to good. September.

Summer Bellflower (Of Pennsylvania)

Origin unknown. Distinct from the Summer Bellflower of New York.

Fruit large, oblong conic, much like Yellow Bellflower; surface a clear waxen yellow deepening to rich golden yellow on sunny side; dots few, minute, distinct, russet; cavity deep, wide, acute, regular, with stellate russet patch; stem short; basin narrow, very shallow, ribbed and corrugated; calyx closed; segments erect converging. Core wide open, meeting; cells elliptical, very roomy, slit; tube conical; stamens median; seeds about twelve, short, plump; flesh yellow, with yellow veinings, fine-grained, rich, spicy, mild subacid, very good. Last of August and early September.

Summer King

An old variety; supposed origin, North Carolina, popular in Kentucky; tree upright, moderate grower, productive alternate years.

Fruit medium to large, roundish oblate; surface yellowish green, striped with crimson, red and orange; cavity large, deep, russeted; stem short; basin medium, regular; calyx closed. Core small; flesh whitish, yellow, fine, brittle, juicy, mild agreeable subacid. August, September.