Summer Pearmain (American Summer Pearmain)

Of American origin; of slender, slow growth in nursery, in orchard large, round-headed, productive.

Apple Variety: Summer Pearmain

Summer Pearmain.

Fruit medium, regular, roundish oblong, slightly tapering, very regular; surface greenish yellow, covered with mixed and marbled red, obscurely splashed and streaked with brighter red on sunny side; dots russet and gray, many, obscure, minute; cavity regular, obtuse, some stellate russet; stem long, slender; basin shallow, smooth, abrupt, very regular; calyx nearly closed; segments flat convergent. Core closed, small, roundish, meeting, distant; cells elliptical, entire; tube conical; stamens basal; seeds plump, rounded, short; flesh yellow, very tender, pleasant, rich, aromatic, juicy, subacid, best. August and September.

Summer Queen

Of American origin; tree vigorous, large, spreading, with somewhat pendent boughs, productive.

Apple Variety: Summer Queen

Summer Queen.

Fruit large, roundish conical, somewhat angular and ribbed; surface fine deep yellow, mostly covered with clouded and mixed red, with bright red splashes and stripes; dots minute, yellow; cavity, acute, regular, rather deep, russeted; stem long, slender; basin narrow, flat, or very shallow, plaited; calyx medium, closed. Core medium, open; seeds many, pointed; flesh yellow, firm, very aromatic, rich, rather acid, excellent for cooking. August, September.

Summer Rose

Origin, New Jersey; tree vigorous, spreading, productive, an early bearer.

Fruit rather small, roundish oblate, regular; surface smooth, polished, clear rich pale waxen yellow, with distinct bright red and crimson, stripes and splashes on sunny side; dots minute; cavity regular, acute; stem rather short, slender; basin abrupt, wide, nearly smooth; calyx small, closed. Core large, closed, meeting; seeds many, short, plump; flesh white, very tender, fine-grained, very juicy, sprightly subacid, excellent. June to early August, ripening in succession.

Apple Variety: Summer Rose

Summer Rose.

Sutton (Sutton Beauty)

Origin, Sutton, Massachusetts, thought to be a seedling of Hubbardston, but of more attractive appearance; tree upright, thrifty, very productive.

Fruit above medium to large, roundish oblate conical; surface smooth, waxen yellow, mottled, washed and shaded crimson, with obscure carmine splashes and stripes; dots few, large, whitish, and russet, distinct; cavity deep, wide, with greenish russet; stem rather short; basin shallow, abrupt, slightly wrinkled; calyx half open; segments divergent. Core medium, oblate, closed, clasping; seeds many, pointed, angular; flesh whitish, crisp, tender, juicy, sprightly subacid, good to very good. Midwinter.