Originated by the Dutch settlers on the Hudson River, near Esopus, New York; the name in Low Dutch means heavy, alluding to its unusual weight; a deep, rich, sandy loam is required for its best development; tree vigorous, spreading, productive.

Fruit medium to large, roundish to roundish oblate, mostly regular, often obscurely angular; surface roughened by dots and sometimes with gray russet net-veining, greenish yellow, with bronze or red blush, at full maturity a fine dead golden yellow; dots many, very large, conspicuous, light russet; cavity regular, narrow, often russeted, sometimes nearly closed; stem long, slender; basin almost flat, smooth, or faintly wrinkled; calyx open; segments flat convergent. Core closed, clasping; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; cells roundish ovate, slit; seeds many, plump, pointed; flesh yellowish, very heavy, fine-grained, very rich, aromatic, very mild subacid, and spicy fragrance, very good to best. December to March.

Swazy Pomme Gris (Pomme Grise D'Or)

Supposed origin near Niagara, Ontario, Canada; tree is moderately vigorous, upright, good bearer in alternate years; fruit more oblong, of richer yellow and more aromatic than the Pomme Grise and is considered superior to it. Fruit small to below medium, oblate to roundish; surface deep yellow, nearly covered with a thin light brownish gray russet; dots many, distinct, but not conspicuous; cavity deep, narrow; stem short to long, slender; basin narrow, deep, slightly corrugated; calyx half open. Core small; flesh pale greenish yellow, fine-grained, tender, juicy, aromatic, rich, sprightly subacid, very good to best. January to April.

Apple Variety: Swazy Pomme Gris

Swazy Pomme Gris.

Sweet Longfield (20 M.). - Origin, Russia; an excellent late summer sweet apple, following Smoky Arcad and Beautiful Arcade in season. The original name, Kursk Reinette, was changed to Sweet Longfield by Prof. Budd, and this was adopted by the Russian Nomenclature Commission.

Fruit large, regular, oblong conic, somewhat truncated; surface greenish yellow, often with faint blush on sunny side; dots minute, white, obscure, numerous, slightly raised; cavity regular, acute, slightly russeted; stem medium; basin small, abrupt, slightly wrinkled; calyx closed; segments small. Core regular, clasping, open; cells large; tube conical; stamens median; seeds small, plump; flesh white, fine-grained, rich, sweet, very good for table or baking. August.

Sweet Wealthy

Originated from seed of Wealthy, in 1874, by 0. M. Lord, Minnesota City. Lord's Longfield came from the same lot of Wealthy seeds; others of these Wealthy seedlings produced "the sourest apples I ever tasted." (Mr. Lord.) No sweet varieties were within range of the parent tree. Sweet Wealthy is an excellent fall sweet apple, worthy of attention.

Fruit medium, roundish, often unequal; surface greenish yellow, thinly washed and obscurely splashed with dull red overlaid with whitish; dots distinct, many, gray, minute; cavity regular, narrow, obtuse, with stellate russet; stem medium, fleshy, stout; basin flat, corrugated; calyx closed; segments erect convergent. Core closed, rounded, clasping; cells ovate, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds about ten, rather large, plump, pointed; flesh white, fine-grained, juicy, pleasant, sweet, very good. September and October.