Sweet Winesap

Origin, Pennsylvania; tree of moderate, upright growth, productive.

Fruit medium, oblate, slightly approaching conic; surface red, splashed with deep crimson; cavity deep, russeted; stem long, slender; basin rather deep, open; calyx partially open. Flesh tender, juicy, very sweet, rich, good to very good. November to March.


Origin, Russia.

Fruit medium, oblate, regular; surface light yellow, almost or wholly covered with bright crimson; dots white, few, obscure; cavity regular, somewhat acuminate, russeted; stem long; basin wide, shallow, nearly flat, corrugated; calyx closed. Core half open,clasping; tube funnel-shaped, open nearly to core; stamens median; flesh snow-white, firm, fine-grained, rich, spicy, mild subacid, with sweet after-taste, very good. September, October.

Apple Variety: Switzer