Tolman Sweet (Tallman Sweet)

Origin, Rhode Island; tree vigorous, upright, spreading, very productive. One of the hardiest of the old eastern apples in the western prairie region.

Fruit medium or above, nearly globular; surface whitish yellow, often with faint blush on sunny side, usually a distinct dark line or pin-scratch runs from stem to calyx; dots few, gray, minute, rather obscure, some with whitish bases; cavity rather wide, obtuse, medium deep, regular; stem long, slender; basin small, shallow, wrinkled, leather-cracked; calyx small, closed or half open; segments erect convergent. Core closed; cells ovate, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds short, plump; flesh white, firm, moderately juicy, fine-grained, rich sweet, quality very good for a sweet apple. All winter.

Apple Variety: Tolman Sweet

Tolman Sweet.

Tompkins King (King Of Tompkins County)

Supposed origin Essex Co., New Jersey, but was first noticed as a heavy bearer in Tompkins Co., New York, in 1838; tree very vigorous, large, spreading, an annual bearer, moderately productive usually. A favorite for export as it keeps well and stands shipment well.

Fruit large, globular, inclining to conical, sometimes roundish oblate, angular; surface deep rich yellow, mostly covered with shaded and dotted bright red, with dark crimson stripes and splashes; dots distinct, numerous, light russet, large; cavity large, often irregular, obtuse, yellow, with trace of russet; stem long or short, stout or slender; basin narrow, shallow, smooth, or slightly wrinkled; calyx small, closed; segments erect convergent. Core closed, meeting, large, sessile, turbinate; cells elliptical, widely slit, with much exudate; tube funnel-shaped; stamens basal; seeds few, about half imperfect, large, long; flesh yellow- juicy, rather coarse, tender, rich, vinous, very agreeable subacid, very good to best. December to March.


Found by Stephen Townsend, over one hundred years ago, in an Indian clearing in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania; tree vigorous, upright, spreading, productive.

Fruit rather large, oblate, slightly conic; surface pale yellow, striped and splashed with red, with thin bloom; cavity medium; stem rather long, slender; basin rather shallow, slightly ribbed; calyx closed; flesh white, fine-grained, tender, very mild, agreeable subacid, good to very good. Middle of August to middle of September.

Trenton Early

Origin unknown; first brought to notice in Ohio in 1852, where it was introduced many years previously by Silas Wharton; tree vigorous, productive.

Fruit large, conical, angular, and ribbed; surface smooth, unctuous, yellowish white, with slight green undulations; dots few, minute; cavity wide, regular, russeted; stem medium; basin narrow, furrowed; calyx rather small, closed. Core large, partially open; seeds many, angular; flesh white, very light and tender, juicy, pleasant subacid, very good. August, September.


Originated on farm of Lyman Tuttle, Hamden, Connecticut; tree upright, vigorous, an early and abundant bearer in alternate years, valued in its locality for market and home use.

Fruit above medium to large, roundish conic, sometimes unequal; surface pale yellow, shaded with a light red, with dark red stripes and splashes; dots distinct, many, very large, gray, russet, many coalesccnt, forming large russet patches; cavity regular, obtuse, often with large patch of russet radiating out over base; stem short; basin narrow, very shallow; calyx closed; segments flat convergent. Core wide open, medium, meeting; cells elliptical, entire; tube conical; stamens marginal; flesh whitish, tender, juicy, mild pleasant subacid, very good. December, March.

Twenty Ounce (Cayuga Red Streak)

An old variety from Connecticut. (There is a Twenty-ounce Pippin which is a large inferior somewhat striped green apple.) Tree vigorous, with compact head, a regular and abundant bearer.

Fruit very large, roundish, slightly uneven; surface greenish yellow, almost wholly covered with marbled and mixed red, with boldly marked stripes and splashes of bright crimson, very showy; dots distinct, few, large, gray; cavity regular, deep, slightly russeted; stem short; basin rather shallow, smooth, or slightly corrugated; calyx small, half open; segments erect convergent. Core closed; cells ovate, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds plump, few; flesh yellow, coarse-grained, sprightly, pleasant, brisk subacid, good. October to January.

Twenty Ounce.

Apple Variety: Twenty Ounce


Apple Variety: Titter