Origin, Penn Yan, Yates Co., New York; tree thrifty, upright, productive, a very early bearer.

Apple Variety: Wagener


Fruit above medium, oblate, angular, often distinctly five-sided; surface smooth, polished, yellow, mostly covered with mixed bright red, with rather obscure crimson splashes and stripes faintly overlaid with whitish; dots distinct, few, not large, whitish; cavity deep, obtuse, irregular, wide; stem medium; basin smooth, shallow, nearly regular, often abrupt; calyx closed; segments erect convergent. Core closed, clasping, sessile, flattened, cordate; cells round, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds not many, short, somewhat flattened; flesh yellowish, juicy, very tender and delicate, fine-grained, brisk, mild subacid, very good to best. November to February.

Walbridge (Edgar Redstreak)

Originated by Joseph Curtis, Paris, Edgar Co., III., and named Edgar Redstreak, but the shorter name, under which it was raised for many years before the true name became known, has the preference; tree vigorous, at first upright, but spreading with age, a fine tree in nursery. In many parts of the West it has been a very tardy and shy bearer.

Apple Variety: Walbridge


Fruit medium, oblate, conical, regular; surface smooth, polished, pale greenish yellow, thinly shaded with pale red, with narrow stripes and splashes of bright red on sunny side; dots whitish, very obscure, few; cavity acute, regular, trace of russet; stem short to medium; basin narrow, flat, or nearly so (this is a marked characteristic), minutely wrinkled; calyx closed, small. Core open, clasping: tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; flesh white with green veinings, crisp, tender, juicy, mild subacid, fair. All winter.


Origin, Muscatine, Iowa; tree vigorous, an early and abundant bearer; grown in central and southern Iowa.

Fruit large, oblate, truncated, very regular as though turned in a lathe; surface waxen, clear, golden yellow, with faint bronze blush; dots distinct, few, minute, russet; cavity regular, acuminate, with stellate russet; stem medium; basin abrupt, regular, nearly smooth, with minute wrinkles; calyx wide open; segments erect convergent. Core small, closed, axile, sessile, barely clasping; cells broadly elliptical, slit; tube conical; stamens basal; seeds plump; flesh yellowish, fine-grained, moderately juicy, good, very good for cooking. September, October. May be used in July when two-thirds grown.

Washington Strawberry

Origin, Washington Co., New York, on the farm of Job Whipple; tree vigorous, upright, spreading, foliage dense, an early and abundant bearer.

Apple Variety: Washington Strawberry

Washington Strawberry.

Fruit large, roundish conical, to roundish oblong conical, flattened at base; surface yellow, mostly covered with shaded and mottled rich red, with bright crimson splashes and stripes; dots many, light: cavity narrow, deep, with a little brownish russet; stem short; basin rather narrow, abrupt, deep, corrugated; calyx nearly closed; segments rather long, divergent; tube funnel-shaped; flesh yellow, somewhat coarse, crisp, tender, juicy, brisk subacid, very good. September, October.