Yellow Sweet (No. 167)

Origin, Russia; tree very hardy at the North.

Fruit medium, roundish, regular; surface yellow; somewhat transparent; dots white, suffused; cavity regular, acute; stem short to medium; basin narrow, abrupt, rather shallow, wrinkled; calyx closed. Core closed; cells ovate, entire; tube conical; stamens median; seeds few, some imperfect, short, plump, flattened; flesh white, juicy, sweet, good. August.

Yellow Transparent

Origin, Russia; imported from St. Petersburg in 1870 by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. It is now a commercial variety for first early. Tree vigorous, upright, round-topped, a good and early bearer.

Apple Variety: Yellow Transparent

Yellow Transparent.

Fruit medium or above, roundish conical, sometimes oblate conical, obscurely angular; surface smooth, light yellow; dots large, white, suffused, many; cavity regular, acute, usually russeted; stem long; basin narrow, shallow, corrugated; calyx closed. Core half open, clasping; tube conical; stamens marginal; flesh white, fine-grained, juicy, pleasant, sprightly subacid, good to very good. Late July and early August.


Origin, Georgia; tree moderately vigorous, upright spreading.

Fruit large, roundish, slightly conic, greenish yellow, with a little russet in the sun; dots few, russet; cavity deep; stem short; basin deep; calyx open. Core small; flesh white, fine-grained, tender, juicy, subacid, good. November.

York Imperial (Johnson's Fine Winter)

Originated early in the nineteenth century near York, Penn. A leading commercial variety ■and growing in favor for export. Tree a moderate grower, productive.

Fruit medium to large, roundish to roundish oblate, truncated, somewhat obliquely cylindrical; surface light yellow, almost wholly covered with washed, marbled, and mixed bright red, indistinctly striped, overlaid with grayish; dots few, yellow and gray, distinct; cavity regular, narrow, acute, with some stellate russet; stem short, moderately stout; basin smooth, deep, abrupt, slightly leather-cracked; calyx closed or open; segments small, flat convergent. Core small, mostly open, barely clasping, cells ovate, widely slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds many, plump, often covered with much cellular exudate; flesh yellow, with yellow veinings, firm, crisp, juicy, pleasant, sprightly subacid, good to very good. November to February.

Apple Variety: York Imperial.

York Imperial.

A distinct strain or sub-variety of York Imperial is locally propagated in York Co., Penn. It is of smaller size, less oblique form, brighter color, finer texture of flesh, and longer-keeping quality than the common type. Origin as yet undertermined.