Zolotareff (No. 275)

Origin, Russia. A large handsomely colored apple of the Vasilis Largest type and much resembling that variety.

Zusoff (No. 585)

Origin, Russia. For a time Anisim was mixed with this variety, but the two are very distinct.

Fruit large, heavy, roundish oblate, regular or faintly angular; surface smooth, glossy, greenish yellow, almost or wholly covered with a peculiar dark brownish red, no stripes nor splashes, a showy fruit; dots minute, numerous, whitish, distinct; cavity abrupt, very deep, regular, green and russet, the russet sometimes extending out in irregular rays; stem very short; basin small, regular; calyx closed; segments small, erect convergent. Core regular, clasping; tube conical; stamens median; seeds few, plump; flesh white, with greenish tinge and veinings, juicy, firm, fine-grained, subacid, good. Winter.