Large to very large, roundish, elongated, with sides slightly compressed; color shining red, mottled with darker red; stalk slender, about two inches long. Flesh creamy yellow, netted, very tender, subacid, very good. Of Red Duke type.


Medium to large, obtuse conical, slightly compressed; suture slight; color pale yellow, nearly covered with bright red; stem slender, inserted in quite large deep cavity. Flesh very tender, juicy, rich, very good; pit very small. Season of May Duke. Pennsylvania. Duke.

June Morello

Large, oblate, scarlet red in color; stalk from one to one and one-half inches long, quite stout, inserted in a broad cavity. Flesh meaty, juicy, uncolored, subacid, and very good for its class. Season of Early Richmond. Tree hardy and fruitful. Russia.

Kings Morello

Large, oblate, obtusely heart-shaped; color dark red; stem variable, from one to one and one-half inches long, in broad shallow cavity. Flesh firm, juicy, sprightly, uncolored; good. Season, middle to last of June. Tree very hardy and fruitful. Russia.

Koslov (Koslov Morello)

Large, round, pointed at apex; color dark red, turning black at maturity; stalk one and one-half inches long, in slight cavity; suture a mere trace. Flesh red, and dark red when fully mature, tender, juicy, acid, but milder when fully ripe; of the Vladimir type. Russia.

Cherry: Hortense