May Duke

Large, roundish obtuse, heart-shaped; color nearly black when ripe; stalk one to one and one-quarter inches long, in light depression. Flesh lightly colored, tender, melting, and satisfying in flavor. Season, quite early. Popular in several States.

Cherry: Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe. May Duke.


Medium, roundish, heart-shaped, slightly compressed; stalk one and one-half to one and three-quarters inches long, set in medium cavity; color very dark crimson, almost black. Flesh tender, subacid, rich; flesh and juice dark crimson; quality very good. Sent to the writer by a Swede, who brought sprouts from his natal home.

Minnesota Ostheim

Medium to large; form oblate conical, with depression on one side; apex slightly depressed; stem one and one-quarter inches long, in quite wide and shallow cavity. Flesh meaty, juicy, subacid, dark red, quality very good. Season, middle of July. Tree hardyand fruitful.

Montmorency (Large Montmorency, Monarch)

Large, roundish oblate; color reddish amber; stem one to one and one-quarter inches long, inserted in broad and deep cavity. Flesh tender, mildly acid, uncolored; quality good. Tree with round spreading head. Fruit ripens about June 20th.

Duke And Morello Cherry Varieties M N 218

Montmorency Ordinaire

Large, roundish; color crimson; stem one to one and one-half inches long, set in medium cavity. Flesh tender, vinous, sprightly, pleasant. Tree rounded in top, with upright habit. The Montmorency group has been mixed in cultivation and propagation. After four years' study on his own trial grounds T. T. Lyon, of Michigan, gave the above descriptions, which agree with the writer's study of the two varieties mainly cultivated during the past twenty years.


Large, roundish, heart-shaped; color amber, with lively red on sunny side, somewhat mottled; stem one and one-half inches long, quite stout, in medium cavity. Flesh and juice light colored; quality very good. A new variety of Duke, giving much promise in Michigan.

Morello Hative

Fruit medium, round, somewhat flattened; stalk one and three-eighths inches, moderately long; cavity shallow; skin very dark red. Flesh red, tender, juicy, acid; juice highly colored; stone medium; quality good. Season, last week in June. Tree a low grower and very hardy. Russia.


Size medium, roundish conical, laterally depressed; color red, and when fully ripe very bright red; stem quite long, inserted in shallow cavity. Flesh quite firm, subacid, very good; pit very small. Illinois.