Large, globular, heart-shaped; color deep red or crimson, glossy; stem one and three-eighths inches long, quite stout, and inserted in a broad deep cavity. Flesh tender, rich, vinous, subacid, red, with rose-colored juice; quality good. One of the hardiest of the Red Duke family.

Orel (Orel No. 27)

Medium to large, round, slightly flattened; color light red; stem three-quarters to one inch long, in shallow cavity; suture distinct. Flesh uncolored, meaty, juicy, mildly acid; quality very good. Season that of Lutovka. Russia.


Fruit large, roundish, oblate, one side compressed; color dark red, and much darker- when fully ripe; stalk slim and variable in length. Flesh liver-colored, tender, juicy, subacid, and very good. Season, middle of July. As introduced many years ago it is starred and double-starred in many States. The Minnesota and Cerise de Ostheim were introduced later. Morello.

Plumstone Morello

Large, roundish, heart-shaped; color dark red; stalk one to one and three-quarters inches long, set in medium-sized cavity. Flesh colored, tender, juicy, and mildly acid when mature. Season, last of July. Grown in small way in several States. Reine Hortense. - Very large, roundish, slightly elongated; suture a distinct line on even surface; color bright red, with marbling and mottling of other shades. Flesh tender, juicy, nearly sweet; flavor best. Season, medium to late. Grown largely in New York, Michigan, Utah, and Colorado. . Duke.

Royal Duke (Royal Tardive)

Very large, roundish oblate; color dark red. Flesh colored, tender, juicy, rich; quality very good. Does well in the dry parts of Texas and New Mexico. Duke.


Large, roundish, but somewhat elongated; color light yellow, mottled and marbled with red; stem long, quite stout, and set in a broad, deep, quite irregular cavity. Flesh light-colored, quite firm; quality very good. Duke.