Originated in St. Louis. Said to be earlier than Early Richmond, a good bearer and vigorous grower. Becoming commercial. We have not seen the variety, though much grown near St. Louis. Shadow Morello. - Large, heart-shaped, conical; color nearly black when ripe; stem two inches long, quite stout, in narrow quite deep cavity. Flesh meaty, juicy, colored, mildly acid. Tree small, round-topped, and an annual bearer. Russia.


Large, oblate, flattened laterally; color light red, usually with white or yellow on shaded side; stem one to one and one-half inches long, slender, in narrow shallow cavity. Flesh quite firm, juicy, subacid, and with uncolored juice, very good. When fully ripe nearly sweet. Season, middle of June. Russia.

Spate Morello

Large, heart-shaped, nearly round; color almost black when ripe; stem one and one-half to two inches long in deep cavity. Flesh highly colored, firm, meaty, and mildly acid when fully ripe. A handsome round-topped tree, bearing heavy annual crops; very hardy. Russia.

Duke And Morello Cherry Varieties S 219Cherry: Shadow Morello

Shadow Morello.

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Cherry: Sklanka


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Strauss Weichsel

Large, roundish, heart-shaped, flattened at both ends; stem short, in shallow cavity. Flesh colored, meaty, and slightly astringent until fully ripe; quality very good. A round-topped tree, with medium-sized firm leaves; very hardy North. Russia.

Suda Hardy

Size medium, roundish conical, depressed laterally; color light red; stem one to one and one-quarter inches long, in broad deep cavity. Flesh firm, colored, juicy, and when fully ripe good in quality. Season, first half of July.

Susse Fruh Weichsel

Small to medium, roundish oblate; color dark red; stem one to one and one-quarter inches long, quite stout, inserted in small cavity. Flesh firm, somewhat colored, juicy, mildly acid. Season, 20th of June. Specially valuable for canning. Russia.