Large, roundish, heart-shaped; color red; stem one to one and one-eighth inches long, in broad shallow cavity. Flesh melting, rich, with uncolored juice; quality very good. Season, last of June. Imported from Germany by a Mr. Timme, of Omaha, Neb.


Large, subacid, nearly black. Season last of June in Southern Illinois. A Canadian variety propagated in Illinois.


Medium, roundish, flattened laterally; color dark red; stem one to one and one-quarter inches long, quite stout, and inserted in shallow cavity. Flesh meaty, subacid, colored; quality very good. Of Vladimir type. This was introduced from Russia by the writer. Specimen trees sent for trial to Mr. Terry, of Crescent, Iowa, proving valuable, and the name or number being lost, it has become commercial under the above name. Russia.


Small to medium, roundish, and borne in clusters of from two to four on outer limbs; roundish in form; color black when fully ripe; stem slender, in small cavity. Flesh firm, juicy, nearly sweet, juice colored; quality very good for dessert or canning. Season, earlier than Early Richmond. The variety described is the one sent out by the Iowa Agricultural College. As grown in Russia it is somewhat variable. Russia.


Large, heart-shaped, conical; suture a dark line with apex depressed; color dark red; stem about two inches long, stout, in cavity broad and deep. Flesh meaty, quite firm, with lightly colored juice; quite acid until fully ripe. This was first sent out as Weir No. 12. It is hardier than Early Richmond and a regular bearer. Wragg. - Large, roundish, heart-shaped; color dark crimson, and when fully ripe black or nearly so; stem one and one-half inches long, medium size, inserted in small shallow cavity. Flesh and juice light crimson, firm, juicy, good, but slightly astringent; much like English Morello, but much hardier in tree and a stronger grower.