Fruit medium in size, with less acid than Black Naples, and it ripens ten days later. Better for canning than most European varieties.

Black Naples

Fruit large, black, grown in small clusters. If properly pruned and treated as noted in Section 26G it is a heavy bearer and the fruit excellent when canned or stewed.


Large, black, borne in short clusters. It is less acid and less musky than Black Naples; bush is more dwarfed in habit than usual with the species.

English Black - Fruit medium to large; noted for even ripening of the crop; quality not quite equal to Black Naples.

Lee (Lee's Prolific)

Large to very large; quality about like Champion; bush dwarfish in habit, vigorous, very productive. Grown commercially.


Large, mild-flavored, very productive; quality for culinary use very good. Originated in Canada.

Wales (Prince Of Wales)

Large, with proper pruning, and a heavy bearer. Flesh nearly sweet when ripe. Most popular of the species across the continent. Canada.