Medium, roundish; color white; hairy. A richly flavored variety, quite free from mildew in the lake region. Europe. Huntsman. - Large, oblong, smooth; color pale green; sweet, good. Bush a strong grower, with little mildew. Europe.

Industry (Whinham's Industry)

Very large, oval, or roundish oblong, smooth; color dark red. Flesh mild, acid, with pleasing flavor. The most generally popular European variety.

Jolly Anglers (Collier)

Large, oblong; color green, downy, smooth. A late variety of best quality. An old English variety, doing well in the lake region. England.


Large, nearly round, smooth; color greenish white; quality very good; commercial in New Jersey where it is extremely productive. In all places where tested it seems quite free from mildew. England.

Lancashire Lad

Medium to large, nearly round; color dark red or wine color; somewhat hairy; quality very good. Bush a strong grower. Europe.


Very large, one and one-quarter by three-quarters inches, pyriform; color dark red. Flesh sweet, pleasant, very good. Has been free from mildew in Canada and at points east of the lakes. Europe.

Gooseberry Dominion



Large, oblong; slightly hairy; color green. Flesh very good. A strong grower, with little mildew so far as tested. Europe.


Large, roundish, oval, smooth; color pale green. Flesh sweet, tender, very good. Quite free from mildew. English descent.

Queen Of The Whites

Medium, nearly round, smooth; color yellowish green. Flesh good. Not much subject to mildew. Europe.


Very large, one and one-half by one and one-eighth inches, slightly pyriform; color green, tinged with red. Flesh subacid, good. Does well in Ontario and around the lakes. England.

Scotch Red

Large, oval, smooth; quality very good. A table variety in Canada, where the bush is a free grower and healthy. English.


Medium to large, oblong, smooth; color light green. Flesh sweet, good. Relatively free from mildew east of the lakes. England.


Medium to large, oblong, smooth; color yellowish green. Flesh sweet, good. Quite free from mildew. England.


Medium to large, oblong, nearly smooth; color yellowish green. Flesh sweet; quality best. Has been unusually free from mildew and is grown commercially. England.

Tally Ho

Medium to large, pear-shaped, nearly smooth; color pale green. Flesh tender, juicy, mildly acid, good. Is very free from mildew in most places where tested east of the lakes and Southeast. England.


Medium to large, oblong, smooth; color light green. Flesh sweet, good. Very productive and relatively free from mildew. England.


Large, oblong, or roundish; color pale yellow, smooth. Flesh sweet; quality very good. One of the most extensively grown for market as it is relatively free-from mildew. European descent.

Warrington (Red Warrington)

Medium to large, oblong; color pale red; somewhat hairy; quality best. A vigorous variety in Michigan and New York. England.

Wellington (Wellington Glory)

Large, oblong, smooth, with some bloom; color pale yellow; sweet, very good. Has proven more productive generally than any variety of European descent.

White Eagle

Medium to large, oblong, pear-shaped, smooth; color greenish white. Flesh sweet, tender, juicy, mild acid, good to very good. Is quite extensively grown, but generally needs spraying for mildew. England.

Gooseberry TriumphGooseberry Wellington



Gooseberry White Eagle.Gooseberry Whitesmith

White Eagle. Whitesmith.


Medium to large, nearly round, smooth; color pale yellowish green. This has given the most profitable crops in the relatively dry air of Colorado and Utah, but it is grown widely by spraying. European.