Up to the present we have no cultivated varieties of our native Hazel-nut. But enough has been done to show that by cultivation and selection we could soon develop varieties that would equal some of the European varieties in size and excel them in flavor. In the near future work of this kind will be attempted. At this time the cultivated varieties are European or European seedlings developed in the States. As yet, however, it can hardly be said that we produce a home supply. Fully two-thirds of the American supply is imported from France and other parts of Europe. See Sections 293, 294, and 295.

Selected Native Hazel nuts

Selected Native Hazel-nuts.

Varieties Of Filberts


A favorite in England and France, and does well in parts of California. Peculiar in having a white shade of color.


Large, oblong; shell thin; quality very good. Grown in New Jersey.

Du Chilly

Large, oblong; quality nearly best. Grown in California.


Large, roundish; kernel very rich and sweet. Grown in Maryland.


Large, roundish; late to ripen; very productive in Maryland.

Imperial Filberts

Imperial. Kentish Cob.


Medium, oblong; quality good. Grown in Delaware and is becoming commercial as it is free from disease. Delaware.

Kentish Cob

Large, oblong; quality best. Does well in New Jersey and is becoming commercial.

Purple Leaf

Large, oblong; quality very good. This is grown in Florida and southeastern States for ornament as well as nuts. The leaves and husks are rich purple in color.

Red Aveline

Large, ovate; quality good, with excellent nutty flavor. Grown in California.

Hickory Nut