Among (Yemon)

Large, two and one-half to three inches in diameter, round, flattened, deeply ribbed; color dark orange red or yellowish red. Flesh red, very sweet, and edible while quite firm, but quality improves as it becomes soft. Season, September to November.

Persimmon: Among (Yemon)

Among (Yemon).


Medium, conical, pointed, somewhat four-sided; color yellow. Flesh light yellow; dark flesh unusual; seeds rare; astringent until it softens, when it is very good. In West Europe grown under glass quite extensively.


Large to very large, two and one-half by three inches in diameter, oblong, with blunt apex, somewhat ribbed; color bright crimson, with lines and blotches at apex. Flesh orange red, sweet and good when soft, but astringent when solid. Needs house ripening, and can be kept late. One of the varieties used for drying.

Persimmon: Hachiya

Hachiya. Hyakume.


Large, three inches in diameter, usually flattened but often elongated; color yellow, with netted lines at the apex. Flesh orange red; only used when soft; a remarkable keeper. Tree of dwarf growth.

Ioyama Gaki

Medium to large, round slightly conical; color yellowish orange, with dark netting at apex. Flesh dark brown, very sweet, and good when eaten before softening.


Very large, three to three and one-half inches in diameter, roundish, flattened. Flesh red, sweet, and good when soft; keeps late, and requires house ripening.

Minokari (Large Stork Egg)

Large to very large, oblong, pointed; color vermilion red. Flesh red, very good in quality, but must be ripened indoors; valuable for drying.

Mio-Tan (Mazelli)

Medium in size, roundish, somewhat oblong, slightly ribbed; color orange red. Flesh brownish red, but variable.

Keeps late, but the brownish specimens are edible and good before softening. Extensively grown in South France.


Large, roundish oblate, with netted lines at apex; color orange yellow, changing to carmine, with bloom and waxy expression. Flesh light-colored, with light brown center around the seeds. Loses its astringency when well colored.

Taber No. 23

Medium, oblate, flat or depressed at apex; color dark red with peculiar dotted surface. Flesh dark brown, sweet, and not astringent; quality good.

Taber No. 129

Medium, roundish, flattened at base, with point at apex; color dark yellowish red, with quite rough surface. Flesh light brown, crisp, sweet; free from astringency. Keeps well and ships well.

Tane (Nashi)

Large to very large, diameter three and one-quarter by three and three-eighths; roundish conical, pointed at apex; color light yellow, changing to bright red. Flesh yellow and seedless; quality fine.


Medium, tomato-shaped; color yellow; has few seeds; quality very good. Said to be very productive.

Tsuru-No-Ko (Stork Egg)

Large, two and one-half by three and one-half inches, oblong, pointed; color bright red, sometimes with black at apex. Flesh red, very good. Must be ripened in the house.

Persimmon: Tsuro no ko

Tsuro-no-ko. Yedoichi.

Yedoichi (Maru-Gata)

Medium, round, often slightly oblong; flattened at base and narrowed at apex; color dark red, often with black mottling near apex. Flesh mahogany brown, with darker spots. Edible while solid. Fruit in large clusters.


Small, one and three-quarters by two inches, round or oblate; color light, with reddish shades. Flesh dark brown, with darker spots; very sweet and good; edible while solid in September and has a long season through October.