Medium to small, oblong, flattened somewhat at ends, color light orange-yellow with show of color in the sun. Flesh tender, juicy, sweet, quality good. Tree hardier than most varieties. Quite popular in Oregon. Russia.


Large to very large, yellow, with red cheek. Flesh subacid, very good. Season middle of July. Quite widely grown, and popular as far south as Maryland. Russia.


Size medium to large, oval; color orange, with scalelike spots; cavity deep; suture distinct; apex somewhat depressed. Flesh yellow, firm, free from the stone; quality very good. Popular in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Boston (Boston Nectarine)

As grown at Springfield, Illinois, this description is given: "Large, deep yellow, with bright blush. Flesh sweet and pleasant in flavor; pit free. Tree hardy and productive Season, last of August and first of September."

Apricot: Blenheim Apricot

Blenheim Apricot.

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Size medium, roundish, somewhat angular; color orange-yellow with darker shade in the sun; suture distinct. Flesh orange-yellow, rich, high-flavored, quite juicy; freestone. Kernel is sweet and is eaten as a nut in France. Commonly grown east of the lakes, and double-starred in Utah.


Medium to large, oblong; color light orange with blush on sunny side. Flesh quite juicy, sweet, with peach flavor. Season, very early. Hardier than most varieties. Russia.