A profitable variety grown in Texas. Mr. T. V. Munson says of it: "This valuable variety was introduced by A. M. Ramsay & Son. It is claimed to have never missed a crop any season since its introduction."

De Coularge

Grown in Western New York and reported to be large in size and nearly best in quality. Season, last of July. No description is available.


Large, roundish; color pale yellow; suture does not extend to apex. Flesh lemon-colored; quality very good; pit very small. Originated in Maryland, where it is much liked by planters.

Early Golden

Small, roundish oval; color pale orange, with smooth skin; suture distinct. Flesh yellow, quite juicy, sweet"; quality very good to best; freestone. New York.

Early Moorpark

Much like Moorpark in size, shape, and color, but ripens much earlier. Roundish oval, with deep suture; color yellow, mottled, with show of crimson on exposed side.


Large, roundish. Flesh fine-grained, juicy, rich; quality very good. Grown in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and on the west coast.


Size medium, roundish; suture distinct; color yellow. Flesh rich, juicy. Season, very early. Grown south as far as Maryland. Russia.

Gold Dust

Medium in size, roundish oblong; color orange-yellow, with some light dots; cavity narrow and deep; apex ribbed and compressed. Flesh yellow, juicy, slightly acid; pit free; quality good. Grown in Texas and the Southwest.