St. Ambroise

Size large to very large, ovate, and compressed; color pale orange, with red in the sun; cavity shallow and narrow, with distinct suture. Flesh yellow, firm, sweet; quality nearly best; freestone. One of the earliest to ripen in New York. In California grown mainly for shipping to Eastern markets.


Large, often two inches in diameter, roundish; color yellow, with rich blush on sunny side; cavity narrow, shallow; suture very distinct. Flesh pale yellow, juicy, sweet, very good; stone free; kernel bitter. This is the hardiest variety yet tested in Iowa. Grown at Ames, Iowa, by the writer from a pit received from Northwest China. Has also been propagated under the name of "Acme."


Rather small, roundish oblate, with flattened apex; color yellow, with reddish cheek; cavity deep and wide; suture distinct. Flesh yellow, not very juicy, sweet, good. An Asiatic variety, grown South.

Spark Mammoth

Larger than Moorpark, roundish; color pale yellow. Flesh tender, juicy, sweet. A popular California variety now distributed in Arizona, New Mexico, and Southwest Texas.


Medium, roundish oval; surface smooth; color light salmon, with numerous dots of red or russet; down short: cavity medium to large, regular, flaring; suture distinct. Flesh yellow, firm, subacid, good; freestone. Kansas.

Apricot: Shense



Medium in size, roundish oval; color orange-yellow, with velvety surface; dots very small; cavity medium, regular, and shaded with pink; suture shallow. Flesh bright yellow, meaty, tender, juicy, good. Russia.

Wyandotte Chief

Medium to large, roundish; color yellow, with blush on sunny side. Flesh nearly best in quality. Season, as early as Alexander. Grown in Ohio quite largely.


Very large, roundish oval; surface velvety; color pale yellow, with golden on sunny side, with russet dots; cavity large, regular, abrupt, and deep; suture deep at cavity. Flesh yellow, meaty, sweet, very good. California.