Admiral (Admiral Dewey)

Large, roundish; color yellow, with red and crimson cheek. Flesh yellow to the pit, quality very good; pit free. Regarded superior to the Triumph as a shipping variety in Maryland. Season of Triumph in Georgia.


Medium to large, roundish, somewhat pointed; color creamy white, sometimes blushed; cavity narrow and deep; suture slight, extending beyond apex. Flesh creamy white, sometimes with slight red at pit, tender, vinous, good; pit free. Grown in the Southeast, but does well farther North. North Carolina.


Medium to large, roundish ovate; color yellow, with brownish-red cheek and quite heavy pubescence; cavity deep and narrow; suture slight and two-thirds around. Flesh light yellow, juicy, tender; pit free. Season, early September. Missouri.


Medium in size; skin light-colored with shading and mottling of red. Flesh white, meaty, juicy, sweet; pit nearly free. Season, last of July. Grown for early market. Illinois.

Alexandra (Alexandra Noblesse)

Large to very large, roundish; color pale with clusters of red dots on cheek and rough pubescence; suture deep. Flesh white, tender, melting, vinous; pit free. England.

Peach: Admiral Dewey

Admiral Dewey.


Medium, roundish ovate; color yellow with brownish-red cheek and considerable pubescence; cavity narrow and deep; suture a line two-thirds around. Flesh light yellow, tender, good; pit free. An old variety of Massachusetts yet grown east of the lakes.


Large, roundish, narrowing to apex; color creamy white with red cheek; suture extends beyond apex. Flesh creamy white with bright red at pit, mild, tender, pleasant-flavored; pit free. A Carolina variety doing well in Michigan and the Southeast.


Medium, roundish, conic; color greenish white, with purple cheek; suture extending to apex. Flesh pale greenish, vinous, pleasant; stone not free. Much like Alexander. Season, last of July.


Small, roundish; color pale yellow sprinkled with red and usually with a red cheek. Flesh white with some red at the pit; quality good; pit free. A seedling of Peen-to, quite popular in Texas and the South. Florida.

Arkansas (Arkansas Traveller)

Medium, roundish; color creamy white, nearly covered with red of varied shades. Flesh juicy, sweet; pit nearly free. Commercial on account of its earliness and its superiority to Amsden. Arkansas.