Baldwin Late

Large, oblong, with decided raise at apex; color greenish white with blushed cheek. Flesh firm, juicy, melting, good; pit free. An Alabama variety much grown in the Southwest.

Barnard (Barnard's Early, Yellow Barnard)

Medium to large, roundish; color yellowish white, with purplish-red cheek. Flesh yellow, with red at pit, rich, juicy, very good. A seedling of Yellow Alberge, which it much excels in tree, bearing, and fruit as grown South.

Beatrice (Early Beatrice)

Small to medium, roundish oblong; color light with marbled red cheek. Flesh juicy, melting, good; pit free. A handsome small fruit that ships and sells well, but if not thinned it runs too small.

Beers Smock

Medium to large, round; color creamy white with dark-red blush; cavity quite deep; suture distinct. Flesh quite juicy, yellow, with red at pit, tender, rich; quality good; pit free. Commercial. New Jersey.

Belle Favorite

Large, oval, narrowing toward apex; color yellow with dull-red cheek; cavity quite deep; suture distinct, two-thirds around. Flesh yellow, tender, vinous, good; pit nearly free. Does well east of Lake Michigan.

Bergen Yellow

Very large, round, somewhat oblate; color deep yellow with bright-red cheek; suture passes beyond apex. Flesh yellow, rich, nearly best; pit free. A very popular yellow-fleshed commercial variety. New York.

Bequett Cling

Medium to large, round, somewhat elongated; color creamy white, washed and marbled with red; suture half around. Flesh white with red at pit, tender, juicy, pleasant, good. Texas.

Bequett Free

Medium to large, roundish oblong; color creamy white covered largely with dull-red and pink dots, surface velvety; suture extends beyond apex, where it is deepest; cavity large, abrupt, and deep. Flesh white with red at pit, melting, sprightly, good; pit free. Extensively grown, Texas, pleasant, good; pit free. Does well in Michigan and east of lakes.

Bilyeu (Bilyeu's Late October)

Large, roundish; color greenish white with red cheek. Flesh white, firm, sweet, good; pit free. A very valuable shipping and canning variety on the west coast and in the States where the season permits its ripening. Maryland.


Medium to large, round; color creamy white with rich dark-red blush; cavity quite deep; suture distinct, extending to apex. Flesh white, juicy, vinous, tender, very good; pit free. Season, August in Michigan.

Bidwell (General Bidwell)

Large to very large, round; color yellow with red cheek. Flesh very solid, juicy, rich; pit free and very small. Season, earlier than Salway, but later than Late Crawford. Originated on the west coast, but has proven very valuable where tested in the peach belt.

Bidwell Early

Medium, oval; color yellowish white, washed with carmine. Flesh greenish white; quality good; pit not free. Said to have come from a pit of the Chinese Peen-to. Florida.