Large, broadly oval, pointed; color white dotted, splashed, and flushed with shades of red. Flesh creamy white tinged with red, vinous, sprightly, good. Claimed to have the same origin as Elberta. Season, early.

Chairs (Chairs' Choice)

Large, oval to roundish, tapering to apex; color pale yellow with some blush, and is quite pubescent; suture extends beyond apex; cavity narrow and deep. Flesh yellow, quite acid, red at pit; pit free. Season, early October. Commercial. Maryland.


Large, round, nearly regular; color yellowish white, mottled with red on sunny side; suture extends two-thirds around. Flesh whitish with red at the pit; pit free; quality nearly best. Illinois.

Chili (Hill's Chili)

Medium in size, roundish oval, compressed; color yellow marbled with red on sunny side; suture distinct, with one side elevated. Flesh yellow with red at pit, mild almost sweet, not very juicy, good; pit free. Mainly grown for market. New York.

Chinese Cling

Large, roundish, somewhat elongated; color pale yellow; suture half around. Flesh white with red at pit, tender, vinous, with trace of peach-bitter; cling. Delaware.


Large, oblong; color yellow with rich red cheek. Flesh yellow, juicy, sweet, very good; pit free. This ripens in the South between Late Crawford and Smock, which gives it a shipping status. Season, September in Georgia.

Cobbler (Yellow Cobbler)

Large, yellow, much resembling Salway, but considerably later in season. Flesh is nearly best in quality and recommended for all uses, including drying, canning, and marketing; pit free. A leading variety in Texas and grown as far north as Ohio. Texas.


Medium to large, roundish, somewhat elongated; color yellow, about all covered with marbling and striping of red; quite pubescent; cavity broad and deep; suture half around. Flesh yellow with red near surface and at the pit, mild; quality scarcely good; pit free. Considerably grown for market. Georgia.

Cooledge (Cooledge Favorite)

Large, roundish; color white with crimson mottled cheek; suture only distinct near the cavity. Flesh melting, juicy, rich, sweet, very good. Massachusetts.


Large, roundish, slightly ovate, and compressed; color bright yellow marbled with crimson and with bright red cheek; suture extends to apex. Flesh whitish with red at the pit; pit free. Flesh juicy, vinous; quality very good. Season, late. Commercial.

Connett (Connett's Early)

Large, roundish oval, compressed; color creamy white mottled and traced with red; cavity deep, abrupt, narrow; suture extends beyond the apex. Flesh yellowish white without red, tender, luscious; quality good to very good; pit not free. A seedling of Chinese Cling. North Carolina.

Cox (Cox's Cling)

Large, roundish, color greenish white with some blush on sunny side. Flesh greenish white, juicy, luscious; quality very good; cling. Texas.

Crimson Beauty

Very large, roundish; color yellow with over one-half covered with bright crimson. Flesh white with some red at pit, which is adherent. In Texas it is largely grown for market and canning, and it is prized as far north as Ohio.


Medium to large, roundish; color yellow with mottling of red, red cheek, and some bloom; cavity narrow and deep; suture two-thirds around the fruit. Flesh yellow, juicy, quite firm; quality very good; pit free. Season, middle of September. Massachusetts.


Medium, round to roundish oval; color yellowish white; with bright red blush and some bloom; suture extends beyond apex, which is somewhat elevated. Flesh yellowish white, with red at pit, tender, vinous, pleasant, good; pit free. Season late.