Geary (Hold On)

Large, roundish ovate; color light yellow with blushed cheek; cavity broad; suture extends beyond apex. Flesh yellow with red at pit, quite firm, sprightly, vinous, but not very juicy; pit free. Season, early October. Commercial in Maryland, and it does well in Michigan and Ohio.

General Lee

Medium to large, oblong; color creamy white with crimson shades and splashes. Flesh whitish, melting, juicy, very good; pit not free. Southern planters say that it is an improved Chinese Cling. Commercial.

George The Fourth

Large, roundish; color white or yellowish white dotted with bright red, with dark-red cheek; suture deep and broad with enlargement on one side; pit free. Flesh pale with red at the small pit, melting, rich, luscious, very good. A very popular home variety, and extensively grown in California. New York.

Georgia (Belle Of Georgia)

Large, roundish, oblate; color whitish with red cheek. Flesh white, firm; good to very good; pit free. A seedling of Chinese Cling grown for market. Georgia.


Very large, roundish ovate; color yellow with light-red cheek and some bloom; cavity broad and deep; suture two-thirds around. Flesh yellow, mild vinous, tender; pit free; quality very good. A standard market variety. Pennsylvania.

Gold Drop (Golden Drop)

Medium, roundish ovate; color rich yellow or, as it grows in the South, "a sort of transparent golden-yellow," often with blushed cheek; cavity broad, shallow; suture obscure except near apex. Flesh yellow, vinous, almost sweet, good; pit free. Attractive in market.

Goode (Goodie's October)

Large, roundish oblong; color white, splashed and veined with red, and quite downy. Flesh white with red at pit, juicy, vinous, good. Grown mainly in the South. South Carolina.


Medium to large, round; color yellow with red and crimson cheek. Flesh white, very juicy, good. A North Carolina variety larger than Alexander and earlier in season. North Carolina.