Haines Early

Large, roundish, flattened at top; color light with deep-red cheek; suture well marked, extending round the fruit with sides very unequal. Flesh greenish white, juicy, melting, sweet, good. New Jersey.


Medium round; color creamy white with red cheek and light bloom; cavity abrupt and quite deep; suture extends to apex. Flesh creamy white, tender, sprightly; pit half free; good. Grown commercially. Ohio.

Hance (Hance's Golden)

Medium to large, roundish; color yellow with dark-red cheek and considerable bloom; suture obscure except near apex; cavity broad. Flesh yellow with red at pit, tender, vinous, good; pit free. Season, early.

Heath (Heath's Cling)

Very large, oblong, narrowed at both ends with decided point at the top; color yellowish white with red cheek in interior climates; suture distinct, extending to apex. Flesh greenish white, tender, melting; quality nearly best; pit not free. Maryland.

Holder (Holderbaum)

Very large, roundish; color creamy yellow with crimson cheek. Flesh creamy yellow streaked with red to the pit, quite firm, luscious; pit free. Tree hardy and profitable in Maryland.


Medium to small, oval to oblong, pointed; color whitish mottled with carmine. Flesh yellow with red at the pit; good to very good. Widely grown as a home fruit on account of its remarkable sweetness. It has varied by seedling production from the Honey of Downing grown from Chinese seed. One of the best far South.

Husted (Husted's No. 16)

Medium roundish; color greenish white with crimson cheek; dots pink with downy surface; cavity deep regular; suture extends beyond apex, deepest at cavity. Flesh greenish white with yellow veins, fine-grained, subacid, good; pit free. Georgia.


Medium to large, roundish; color creamy white covered with two shades of red in the sun, with thin bloom; suture extends beyond apex. Flesh creamy white, quite firm, vinous, good; pit free when fully ripe. Season, early.

Hynes (Hynes's Surprise)

Medium, roundish; color creamy white with mottling and stripes of red, and some bloom; suture extending to sunken apex. Flesh creamy white, sprightly, vinous, pleasant; pit half free. Season, early August.