Ingold (Lady Ingold)

Medium to large, roundish; color creamy yellow, quite well covered with bright red. Flesh yellow, quite firm, vinous; pit free; quality very good. Leading shipping variety of Tennessee and Georgia. Tennessee.

Japan Dwarf Blood

Medium roundish; color yellow, mostly overspread with crimson. Flesh streaked with red; juicy, rich, very good. A new variety from Japan of dwarf habit, often bearing when two years old. Season, earlier than Alexander.

Jaques (Jaques' Rareripe)

Large, roundish, flattened; color yellow, shaded with red of varied hues; suture distinct, with one side largest. Flesh yellow with red at pit, juicy, subacid, good; pit free. Massachusetts.


Medium to large, oval; color yellow washed and striped with red, and thin bloom; suture usually depressed and extending beyond apex. Flesh yellow with red at pit, vinous, quite rich; quality good; pit free. Highly valued in Michigan and New York. Michigan.

Kenricks Heath (Heath's Free)

Very large, oblong; color greenish white with purplish-red cheek; suture slight with small swollen projection at top. Flesh greenish white with red at the pit, somewhat coarse but melting, juicy, with pleasant flavor; pit free. New England.

Keyport (Keyport White)

Large, roundish oval; color white with red cheek. Flesh white, tender; quality good; pit free. New Jersey.