Late Admirable

Large, roundish or oval, with deep suture nearly around, and decided point at apex; color light yellowish green with red cheek, often marbled with darker red or crimson. Flesh greenish white with red at the pit, juicy, melting; quality very good; pit free. A French variety commercial in Delaware and the southeastern States.

Late Barnard

Medium to large, roundish oval; color yellow with dark red cheek and bloom; cavity narrow and quite deep; suture extends beyond apex. Flesh bright yellow, with red at the pit, firm, rich, pleasant, good; pit free.

Late Crawford (Late Crawford)

Large, roundish oval; color yellow with red cheek. Flesh yellow with red at the pit, melting, vinous, very good; pit free. Grown across the continent. New Jersey.

Lee (General Lee)

Large, roundish oblong; color creamy white, with crimson and red streaks and splashes. Flesh whitish, melting, juicy, rich; pit not free. This is an improved Chinese Cling, rapidly taking the place of that old variety in the South.

Lemon Cling

Large, oblong, narrowed at the top with projecting enlarged point like a lemon; color yellow, with brownish red cheek. Flesh yellow, with red at the pit, vinous, subacid, very good; pit not free. South Carolina.

Lemon Free

Large, roundish ovate, often with pointed apex; color light yellow, with greenish white tinge and thick bloom; cavity quite deep; suture not distinct, but flesh at one side elevated. Flesh yellow, tender, somewhat dry, good; pit free. Grown mainly for canning. Ohio.

Levy Late. (Henrietta). - Very large, roundish, somewhat depressed; color bright yellow, with crimson cheek; cavity medium, deep. Flesh yellow, quite firm, sweet, vinous, very good; pit notfree. An old variety, popular in Southwestern States. District of Columbia.


Medium to large, round; color yellowish white, overspread with mottling and areas of red and thin bloom; suture in depressed channel extending to apex. Flesh yellowish white, with red at the pit, tender, vinous; quality good; pit free. Highly prized for commercial planting. Michigan.

Lolo (Miss Lolo)

Above medium in size, roundish conical, with prominent point at the apex; color creamy white, washed and mottled with red next the sun, with pink dots and velvety surface of short loose down; cavity abrupt, deep, and regular, with short stout stem; suture extends to apex and is deep at upper end. Flesh whitish, with red at pit, subacid, melting, very good; pit free. Popular South. Texas.


Medium to large, oval; color yellow, with slightly blushed cheek and some bloom; suture has enlargement on one side but the line is obscure; apex prominent. Flesh yellow, with red at pit, tender, vinous, sprightly, and with quite rich flavor; pit free. The fruit buds of this variety have proven hardier than usual in Canada and Michigan.

Lord Palmerston

Very large; color creamy white, with pink cheek. Flesh stained at pit, firm, juicy, rich; pit nearly free. Season, quite late. Commercial in southeastern States.


Medium to large, roundish, enlarged at one side of suture; color yellow, with red cheek and some bloom; cavity narrow and deep; suture slight, extending beyond apex. Flesh yellow, with red at pit, tender, vinous, pleasant; pit free. Season follows Smock. Widely planted in the South. South Carolina.

Louise (Early Louise)

Medium, round; color red, with bright red or crimson cheek; suture deep. Flesh yellowish white to the pit, melting, tender, good; pit nearly free. Commercial in Kentucky.

Peach: Lovett, (Reduced)

Lovett, (Reduced).


Medium, roundish, compressed; color bright yellow, with marbled blush and thin bloom; cavity narrow and deep; suture extends to apex. Flesh yellow, tender, vinous, very good; pit free. Mostly grown on west coast but does well in Michigan. California.

Lovett (Lovett's White)

Large to very large, roundish; color creamy white, with considerable bloom; cavity narrow but shallow; suture extends beyond apex. Flesh creamy white to the pit, tender-and quite rich; pit free. A popular white variety east of lakes and South.