Large, ovate, pointed at apex; color pale yellow, with faint red and marbled cheek; pubescence very slight; suture obscure. Flesh white, with red at pit, juicy, vinous, rich, very good; pit free. England.


Very large, roundish; color yellow, with dark red cheek. Flesh deep yellow, juicy, with rich vinous flavor; pit free. Originated in California, but it has proven a success in the southwestern States east of the mountains, and where tested in New Jersey.

New Prolific

Large, roundish oval; color yellow, with bright red cheek and bloom; cavity narrow and deep; suture deep, extending beyond apex. Flesh yellow, with some red at pit, firm, delicate, sprightly, vinous, very good; pit free. This has a high position as a shipper in Ohio and the East generally.


A variety grown in Western New York, supposed to be a seedling of Early Crawford, which is larger in size; quite as productive and ripens later than its parent; pit free. Fruit large, yellow, freestone, and excellent in quality. Now grown commercially.

Oldmixon Cling

Large, roundish oval; color yellowish white, dotted with red and often with red cheek. Flesh juicy, rich, with best flavor. Widely grown as one of the best of the clingstone varieties.

Oldmixon Cling

Medium to large, roundish, somewhat oval, with one side largest; color creamy white, marbled with red and with bright red cheek; cavity narrow; suture slight. Flesh creamy white, with red at pit, tender, vinous, very good; pit free. An old variety, yet starred in several States.


Medium to large, oblong or oval, flattened, with pointed apex; color lemon yellow. Flesh yellow, slightly acid, good; pit free. A productive variety in Texas and over the Southwest.

Orange Cling

Large, round; color orange yellow with rich dark red cheek; suture distinct, passing nearly round. Flesh deep yellow, quite firm, juicy, rich, very good; pit not free. An old variety much grown in Colorado and the Southwest.