Medium to large, roundish oval; color greenish yellow, with red blushed cheek; suture distinct to the prominent apex. Flesh creamy white, with red at the pit, very juicy, tender, sweet; pit free. Season, quite early. Extensively grown in the southeastern States. Georgia.

Peen-To (Chinese Flat)

Small, flat, deeply indented to the stone at each end; color greenish white, mottled with red. Flesh juicy, rather rich, very good; clingstone. Quite popular in the extreme South for home use and near markets.. China.


Large, roundish, often oval; color yellow washed with red, with considerable bloom; cavity deep and narrow; suture shallow extending beyond apex. Flesh yellow, with red at pit, quite firm, with vinous sprightly flavor; pit free. Maryland.

Picquet (Picquet's Late)

Large, round; color yellow with red cheek; cavity narrow and deep; suture slightly elevated at apex. Flesh yellow, with red at pit, firm, sprightly, good to very good; pit free. Widely grown in the South, and a favorite in California. Georgia.

Princess (Princess Of Wales)

Large, roundish; color light yellow, with pink around stem; suture obscure. Flesh white, with red at pit, juicy, tender, vinous, very good; pit free. Does well in New Jersey and Delaware. England.


Large, roundish; color yellow, with varied red of cheek and thin bloom; cavity broad and suture slight. Flesh yellow, with red at pit, tender, vinous, very good; pit free. A productive sort in the southeastern States.