Large, pyriform; color yellow. Said in New York to bear unusually young, and to bear regular crops. As yet not widely tested, but the present record is very favorable.


Size medium, pear-shaped; color golden yellow; quality good. The vigorous growth of this variety has given it commercial status as a stock for the pear, yet it is commercial in some districts as a fruit.

Apple-Shaped (Orange)

Large, roundish, apple-shaped; color golden yellow, fair, smooth; quality good. In quince-growing districts this old variety is still grown by amateurs and farmers, but not commercially, perhaps for the reason that the claim that it reproduced from seed developed inferior varieties and a mixed nomenclature.

Bentley - Large, yellow, handsome, and said to be excellent in quality. One of the leading varieties in Maryland and South Carolina.


Large, slightly pyriform; color rich golden, with velvety skin, which is very smooth. Has peculiarly healthy foliage. Highly prized in Ohio and the Southeast States.


Large, obtuse pyriform; color green, mostly overspread with bright yellow. Flesh tender and unusually good in quality. Though relatively a new variety it is grown commercially across the continent. America.


Very large, somewhat ridged; color greenish yellow, with red blushed cheek. It is said to cook as tender as an apple and to make a jelly of unusual fragrance and quality. Japan.


Large to very large, distinctly pyriform; surface somewhat ridged; color rich yellow. Flesh not as coarse when cooked as other varieties. Highly prized in New Jersey.


Large, roundish oblate, compressed at stem; color greenish yellow, with down in cavity. Flesh yellowish, juicy, cooks tender. A Pennsylvania variety now widely grown.

Meech (Meech's Prolific)

Large to very large, obscure pyriform; color bright yellow; quality very good; peculiarly fragrant. A leading variety in the Eastern and Southeastern States. Connecticut.

Missouri Mammoth

Very large, roundish oblate; color green, mostly overspread with orange yellow; quality and texture of flesh very good. Rapidly becoming a popular commercial variety, especially in Utah and parts of Colorado.


Large to very large, pyriform, with roundish oblong body; color yellow. Flesh firm but with high flavor. Grown for market extensively, especially for distant shipment.


One of Burbank's seedlings, which is claimed to have a distinct pineapple flavor. It is large, yellow, and much like the orange variety, but is said to cook tender like an apple.


Large to very large; color light orange. The best variety in quality, and the tree is the strongest grower, with larger and broader leaves. When cooked the sauce is red. Profitable in some places. As a rule not equal to others in bearing.

Rea (Rea's Mammoth)

Large to very large, roundish obtuse in form; color yellow, with pinkish shades. A leading commercial variety of the Eastern and Southeastern States and of California. New York.

Van Deman

Medium to large; color greenish yellow; subacid; quality very good for culinary uses. Grown in Missouri largely.

West (West's Mammoth)

Very large, roundish; color clear yellow. Grown in California from seed received from Boston, of the Orange variety. One of the best in flavor and much liked where it has been tested.