Campbell Early

Bunch large, roundish, shouldered, quite compact; berry large, nearly round, black, with blue bloom. Flesh meaty, very tender, juicy, sweet, rich, aromatic, without foxiness, quality very good for dessert or market. Season of Moore Early, but a good keeper. Ohio. Labrusca.


Bunch large to very large, shouldered, conical, very compact; berry medium, round, black, with thin bloom. Flesh meaty, firm, yet tender when ripe, pure, and rich in quality, very good. Popular in West Texas and New Mexico. Texas. Hybrid.


Bunch medium, shouldered, not very compact; berry quite large, roundish, often oval; color pale red, with deeper red in the sun, and lilac-colored bloom. Flesh pulpy, juicy, sweet, with rich but slightly musky flavor; when fully ripe quality very good. Season, too late for the North, yet it is grown southeast of Lake Erie for wine-making. North Carolina. Origin, uncertain.


Bunch medium, compact, usually shouldered; berry round; color transparent red, with thin white bloom. Flesh sweet, vinous, refreshing; quality very good for dessert or wine. Season of Concord; a fine keeper; becoming commercial. New York. Hybrid.


Bunch medium, compact; berries medium in size, roundish; color black; quality low, yet on account of vigor of vine, showy fruit, and heavy bearing it is extensively grown for market. Season, one week earlier than Hartford. Labrusca.


Bunch medium, shouldered, long, narrow, compact; berry round, small to medium, black, covered with thick bloom. Flesh juicy, quite acid, with some coarseness of pulp, but when fully ripe with brisk vinous flavor. This old variety has been found by Mr. Ricketts and others valuable in breeding better varieties. Riparia.


Bunch medium, shouldered, fairly compact; berry medium, round; color light greenish yellow, with thin white bloom. Flesh rich, pure flavored, sweet, with vinous aroma. Is said to be a Concord seedling, and that the vine is as hardy as the parent. Ohio.


Bunch quite large, compact, shouldered; berry large, roundish, almost black, with bloom. Flesh somewhat buttery, juicy, sweet,with some toughness and acidity of center. Its hardiness of vine, perfect foliage, heavy bearing, and attractiveness has extended its commercial planting widely. Massachusetts. Labrusca.


Bunch small, shouldered if well grown; berry size of Concord, round; color black, with bloom. Flesh juicy, sweet, and in the dry air of the West better than Concord. Season several days earlier than its parent the Concord. Massachusetts. Labrusca.


Bunch medium, shouldered, not very compact; berry small to medium; color light greenish yellow. Flesh juicy, sweet, sprightly, rich, very good. Season, same as Hartford Prolific. Commercial in the Southeastern States. New York. Hybrid.

Cynthiana (Red River)

Bunch medium, shouldered, compact; berry below medium, black, with blue bloom, sweet, vinous; juice dark red, very rich. Much like Norton's Virginia, but better in quality. Grown in Missouri and the Southwest. Arkansas. AEstivalis.