Bunch large, long, shouldered; berry small to medium; color pale amber or white. Flesh juicy, sweet, pure flavored; Season as early as Hartford. One of Rommel's best white grapes; said to be free from mildew and rot. Rather small for market and is used mainly for wine-making. Missouri. Riparia.

Fern Munson

Bunch medium to large, with long fruit peduncles; berry medium to large, round; color purplish red to nearly black. Flesh firm, very juicy, sprightly, with Catawba flavor. Season, late. Does well in Texas and north to Missouri. Texas. Hybrid.

Gaertner (Rogers' No. 14)

Bunch large, shouldered; berry large, purplish red, with thin skin. Flesh sweet, rich, aromatic, very good. Season as early as Hartford. This variety of Rogers' hybrids has been neglected, but is now coming into notice as one of the best and most valuable. Massachusetts. Hybrid.


Bunch medium, roundish, rather loose; berry medium to large, obovate to oval, white, or greenish white, with some white bloom. Flesh half tender, greenish white, sweet, vinous; juice colorless; quality good. Does well farther north, but is commercial South.

Goethe (Rogers' No. 1)

Bunch medium to large, loose, shouldered; berry large to very large, slightly oblong; color pale red when ripe. Flesh tender, juicy, sweet, luscious; very good. Succeeds well in the Southwest and in Colorado where it escapes rot. Requires mixed planting. Massachusetts. Hybrid.

Gold Coin

Bunch medium or above, ovate, shouldered, fairly compact; berry large, globular, yellowish, with tough skin. Flesh juicy, sweet; quality very good. A cross between Norton and Martha, much prized in the South. Texas.

Golden Gem

Bunch medium in size, roundish, shouldered, quite compact; berries small, round; color rich golden, with delicate white bloom. Flesh light green, half tender, juicy, very sweet; quality very good to best. A cross of Delaware and Iona too small for market but delicious for home use where the Delaware proves profitable. New York. Hybrid.

Greins Golden

Bunch medium, with long stem, compact, regular; berry large as Concord, round, brownish yellow, very juicy, free from foxiness, quite acid; quality good. A probable cross of Riparia and Labrusca. Missouri.