Herman Jaeger

Bunch large to very large, shouldered, conical, very compact; berry small to medium, black. Flesh tender, vinous, quite rich; seeds separate easily from pulp; quality better than Concord. One of Munson's crosses that requires a dry climate. Texas.


Bunch medium to large, short, shouldered, compact; berries medium to large, round, black, with slight blue bloom. Flesh greenish, tender, vinous; quality rather poor. The hardiness, vigor, and productiveness of the vine has led to its extended planting, especially far North. Wisconsin. Hybrid.


Bunch large, short, shouldered, quite compact; berry medium size, round, wine-colored, with slight blue bloom. Flesh tender, light amber color, sprightly, vinous; seeds quite large; very good. A noted home variety, and is commercial in the Southeastern States. New York. Labrusca.


Bunch medium, roundish, shouldered, quite compact; berry medium to large, round, white to golden yellow in color, with some whitish bloom. Flesh tender, green, very sweet, juicy, good. Is prized as a home variety, but as yet not much grown for market. Canada. Hybrid.


Bunch small, roundish, shouldered, quite compact; berry small, round, black, with blue bloom. Flesh a little tough, whitish, vinous, sprightly, juicy; quality good. A thrifty hardy productive vine, and by many regarded the best, purest flavored early black variety. Missouri. Hybrid.