Bunch large, shouldered, compact; berry large, roundish, tender, sweet, rich, vinous, without central pulp, very good. Season of Concord. Grown in Ohio for table use and near market.


Bunch medium, roundish, fairly compact; berries medium to large, oval, black, with some blue bloom. Flesh tender, greenish, juicy, quite acid; quality fair to good. Season, early September. Grown in Ohio and east of lakes. New York. Vulpina.


Bunch large, shouldered, compact; berry medium, round, pale yellow, with delicate bloom. Flesh soft, melting, juicy, sweet, high-flavored. Ripens somewhat later than Concord. Quite extensively grown for table use and wine. Missouri. Riparia.

Perfection - Bunch long, shouldered, compact; berry medium; color light red; sweet, sprightly, vinous. Season, early. Grown in Ohio mainly. Labrusca cross.


Bunch medium to large, shouldered, compact; berry medium, roundish oblong; color greenish white, followed by pale lilac or reddish shade, with thin white bloom. Flesh pulpy, sweet, juicy, with thick skin. Widely grown on account of hardiness of vine and heavy bearing. Massachusetts. Labrusca.

Peter Wylie

Bunch medium to large, compact, often shouldered; berry medium, golden yellow when fully ripe. Flesh meaty, rich, vinous, very good. The delicious Muscat flavor is hardly equalled by any American variety. Does well where tested in Virginia and the South. A Hybrid, produced in North Carolina.


Bunch large and showy, roundish, very compact; berry large, pale green, with yellow tinge, covered with whitish bloom. Flesh tender, juicy, sweet, with little central pulp. At the South when fully ripe said to be better than Concord, as it has more foxiness in smell than in taste. Quite widely planted, for market mainly. New York. Labrusca.

Poughkeepsie Red

Bunch medium, roundish, shouldered, very compact; berry medium, round, wine-colored, with slight lilac bloom. Flesh tender, yellowish green, vinous, sprightly, with uncolored juice. In Ohio claimed to be as good as Delaware, and that it ripens well and keeps well. A cross of Iona and Delaware. New York.


Bunch large, roundish, compact; berry medium to large, roundish oval, greenish white to pale yellow, with some white bloom. Flesh light green, vinous, rich, fairly juicy; quality good. Season, last of September; fruit keeps well. New York. Labrusca.