Bunch large to very large, roundish, shouldered, very compact; berry medium to large, roundish oval, black, with blue bloom. Flesh white, sprightly, vinous, juicy, with slight aroma. As grown in Iowa the pulp is not tough as in Michigan, but is good in quality, and the same is true in Southern Ohio. Season, early. Pennsylvania. Labrusca.


Bunch very large, long, shouldered, compact; berry large to very large, roundish oval; color pale green to golden yellow, with delicate whitish bloom. Flesh greenish, juicy, vinous, rich, tender, very good. Ripens late, hence does best in the South. Ohio. Hybrid.


Bunch medium to large, roundish, compact; berry large, round, color red, with blue bloom. Flesh greenish, tender, vinous, rich; quality very good. Quality and tenderness are not desirable for distant marketing, hence the Ulster is planted mainly for home use where the seasons are long enough to ripen it. New York. Hybrid.

Vergennes - Bunch medium to large, quite long, slightly shouldered, compact; berry large, oval; color amber red, with grayish bloom. Flesh greenish, tender, vinous, rich, very good. A Vermont variety now widely planted. Labrusca.

Victor (Early Victor)

Bunch medium, quite compact, usually shouldered; berry medium, roundish; color black with blue bloom. Flesh juicy, vinous, pulpy, quite rich; quality very good. Season, early. A Kansas variety, as yet most extensively grown in Canada. Labrusca.


Bunch large, roundish, shouldered, quite compact; berry medium to large, roundish oval, white, with some whitish bloom. Flesh greenish, half tender, sweet, vinous, quite rich, juicy, slightly foxy; quality good. Season, September. Is much prized in Ohio. Kentucky. Labrusca.